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Tuesday, March 15


Along with many others...
I will be participating in the "Bloggers Day of Silence" on Friday in support of the disaster relief efforts being organized for the people in Japan.
This has been organized by two wonderful ladies, Lydia of Ever Ours and Lucy of Utterly Engaged.

My blogging friend Chris from Postcards and Pretties summed up everything in her blog post earlier today.
Instead of repeating the information, I encourage you to GO TO HER BLOG for more details on how you can help.

Hugs to you all...
And my sincerest thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan.


Sandra said...

Ella's Classic Red Ball Party is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen. Absolutely amazing!

postcards and pretties said...

Glad to hear your on board Jess! xo

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