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holiday | lucky stars - st. patty's day 2011

Thursday, March 17


No pinching over here!
We're on green overload with everything from
• lucky stars (from Origami Delights)
• green mashed potatoes (conveniently requested by Ema for her birthday dinner last night).
• festive brownie bites
• St. Patty's Day party tabs (get your FREE download here).

I think we are all set for celebrating GREEN today!!

In all seriousness though...
With it being St. Patrick's Day..

I'm thanking my lucky stars for so many different things in my world. 

Be sure to click on "READ MORE" to keep reading about what I'm so lucky for...

I'm LUCKY to have such WONDERFUL readers, fans, customers and blogging friends.
I adore your comments.
I appreciate your support.
And I'm especially grateful for your patience as I glide along at a snail's pace trying to wrap up a lot of loose ends...
for a hundred different projects.
Thank you.

I'm also LUCKY to have three wonderful daughters and a person in my life who's completely supportive of my dreams.
I couldn't manage to do what I do without their love and support.

In light of the devastating earthquake and tsunami over in Japan...
I feel extremely LUCKY to be surrounded by sunshine and blue skies.

Feeling LUCKY to have family gathering tonight to eat ice cream cake together in honor of Em's 12th birthday yesterday...

LUCKY to get some extra "play time" with my girls with the start of Spring Break on Friday.

I'm so very LUCKY to have three healthy children...
and I'm reminded of that every time I read an update on the McRae family.

I'm also feeling LUCKY to be a contributor for HWTM now...
Speaking of which, check out my 2nd official post later today featuring Kori Clark's "bee"autiful housewarming party.

But LUCKY doesn't even begin to describe the feelings I have anticipating the launch of a party product I dreamt up, just a little over six months ago...

the Pastry Pedestal...

As I inch my way closer and closer to the product release...
I'll be filling you in on the little details along the way.
Everything from the packaging (which has been driving me NUTS)....
to logo design...
to the exclusive photo from when I FiRST unveiled the product.
I'm a bundle of nerves with the anticipation of it all. (excited, anxious and everything in between).

I prefer the word "fortunate" actually.
And I'm certainly feeling fortunate today.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

A quick reminder I won't be posting on Friday (tomorrow).
I'm participating in the "Bloggers Day of Silence" to support disaster relief efforts for Japan.
I'll see you back here on Monday!


The brownie bite is NOT homemade.
I cheated.
Thank you Publix.

Don't those mashed potatoes look more like cookie dough or buttercream frosting. *big grin*
I was definitely surprised when Ema gave me her birthday dinner menu request.
Green mashed potatoes never even crossed my mind for something she'd be hungry for. *laughing*
It actually worked out perfectly since her birthday is the day before St. Patty's Day.


Kori Clark said...

Jess, Lucky, fortunate, or whatever there is to are all of it and you deserve to be! I love how every time I read your blog, I remember just how "lucky" I am as well. You always make me want to stop and slow down and enjoy every second of our lives! Thanks for sharing a beautiful post and reminder of how much we all have to feel lucky about! xo {especially the part about me -LOL}

StephieB said...

Me too! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful green ideas with us, Stephie x

Off The Peg said...

Those stars are gorgeous!

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