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Tuesday, March 8

I have noticed a pattern in my life.
Whenever I make progress in goals related to health...
I suddenly find myself creating obstacles to sabotage any further progress.
This past week was no different.
After 7 days of no-sugar...
along with some real results from participating in Rhonna's six week shape-up...
the sabotaging began.


For my weekly Cannelle et Vanille recipe sampling...(promise #1 of my "promise ME" journey)
I was looking for something simple.
And I was looking for something different since I've been electing to try entrees every week.
I went with these pistachio sandies since there would be hints of green - completely apropos for St. Patty's day coming up.

Truth is...
I shouldn't have picked a dessert this week.
It proved to be too much of a temptation for me.
I justified needing to sample these morsels in order to properly "review" the recipe. (go here for the full review)
A legitimate reason.

But what followed was a weekend filled with more sabotage.

Sugar Mill Pancake House

I justified it would be okay to eat the french toast & syrup when we went to Sugar Mill for breakfast on Saturday.
Afterall...we went to a "pancake" house for crying was a completely necessary sacrifice on my part to be fully engaged in the experience with my family. right?

This pre "french-toast-sabotage" photo taken while we were waiting to be seated, clearly shows I'm happily justifying that 
the treadmill workout I did at 5:15 earlier that morning would pretty much neutralize any extra calories I'd be consuming.


Clara's Band Competition


After breakfast...
Clara and I spent the rest of the afternoon at a band competition she was participating in.
Innocent enough...right?
Innocent until I purchased some candies/snacks for Clara to eat.
Turns out she ended up not having any time to eat them
so I was left holding the bag...literally & figuratively.

Things didn't improve either.
We ended up picking up Popeyes for dinner that night. *sticking finger in my mouth while making a gagging sound*

And even after a weekend filled with sabotage...
I found myself digging out the cupcakes I'd been saving in the freezer and polished those off too.

Well guess what today is?
Today is "Check-in Tuesday" over on Rhonna's site.
Even though I was checked-out all weekend...
it's now time to "man up" and confess my weaknesses...
admit to the multiple infractions I willingly participated in...
(I LOVE accountability) *wink*

Following the check-in...
It'll be time to:
Let. it. go.
It's time to move on.
It's time to be better.

That's right.
Today is a new day and I'm determined to finish the next 6 weeks STRONG!

Let's face it.
We all have weaknesses...challenges, hurdles, etc.
However, we each have the ability to turn those weaknesses into opportunities...
Opportunities for growth, strength, and fortitude.
I could use a bit more of each of those!
How about you?
What's tripping you up?
Holding you back?
Making you feel weak?

I challenge you to look it straight in the eyes...
multiple times over if you have to...
and do what it takes to turn it into a strength.
Don't let it keep you from being the very best "you"...
the "you" you are supposed to be!

Happy Tuesday!
Wishing us each strength in whatever capacity we are in need of right now!

my mind is all over the place lately.
Researching packaging options for the party product I've been keeping secret for awhile has me pulling out my hair.

But...I can tell you Ella's party will finally be revealed this week...
in conjunction with an announcement I'm beyond thrilled about!
Stay tuned!


Sarah said...

thank you. i really needed a kick in the pants today. No more laptop after 8pm for starters. No more fast food out during the week just because it's fast. The list could go on... but i'll start small. thank you again & good luck to you too!

Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

I can't wait to see Ella's Party! I love that one shot of her eating the red pop - craving more photos! lol Congrats are in order as well! :)

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