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Wednesday, March 9

I receive a lot of emails...
from a lot of amazing women.
It seems like a lot of the women reaching out to me are "stuck" in career fields they long to be free from.
Most of them seem to have bridled creative passion and are seeking direction on how to unleash their dreams.

Because I don't have all the answers - not even close...
Because I'm no expert and I'm constantly learning through trial and error myself...

I thought I'd share a book I recently began reading...
(in fact, it's the inspiration behind the quote I posted last week)


It's a book my friend Kim from the TomKat Studio recommended.
It's an amazing book - filled with great insight from a woman whom I've always admired and respected...Martha Stewart.
Cute story: When my youngest daughter Clara was somewhere around the age of 4, she would ask to be able to watch the Martha Stewart Show with me. And just like her mom, she'd sit there fully engaged...hanging on every word Martha spoke and every neat little idea or craft she would share. I've even got issues of the Martha Stewart "Kids" magazines that are no longer being published. You could say I've had a slight obsession with the woman who shares my passion for domestic arts). *wink*

back to the book...

I LOVE so many things about it and have become lost in the pages.


How about this excerpt?
"Don't confuse enthusiasm for passion"

I really think there will be so many of you who will benefit from reading this too...
it may be just the thing some of you have been looking for. (and need)

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

I ordered this book twice.
I waited for two months and it never showed up but it was reported as having been delivered?
I finally ordered it again last month and have been trying to find time to read it.
So far, a couple of doctor's appointments and some down time at Clara's band competition last weekend gave me enough "nibbles" to keep me craving for more time to read.

The pitcher of flowers?
The pitcher is a handmade piece of pottery I bought this past weekend from the Sugar Mill Pancake House - it's what they bring to the tables for customers to use to pour the pancake batter on the griddles.
The flowers & branches were picked/trimmed yesterday by Ella and I - there's been such an abundance of pretty things blooming around the house. I feel so fortunate! I LOVE them!


michelle said...

I've heard so much about this book and I finally just ordered it!

Something Old, Something New said...

I am definitely going to check this book out! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I've read this book forwards and backwards...maybe even upside down! It really is a winner.

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