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{thanksgiving} French Farmer's Market

Wednesday, November 17

With Thanksgiving right around the corner...
and preparations in full-swing for hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year...
it's time to introduce you to the theme I've chosen for the table settings/decor...


I've been dreaming of this beautiful little gathering for some time.
And things are coming together quite nicely...

In between the two recent baby showers and preparations for Ella's 2nd birthday party, I've been collecting things along the way...

• dishes
• fabric
• linens
• table settings
• napkins
• glasses
• serving ware

Last weekend, I purchased the grapevine wreaths for the front doors which tie in with the invitations sent out last week...


Yesterday, my mom showed up to sew the 12 foot table runner...
And my stepdad came along to help work on a "secret" project for the dessert table.

And you already know I've created printables for the Kids' Table to coordinate with the "adult table"...

Speaking of is the last day to purchase the 10-page printables collection at HALF PRICE

While I'm still far from being ready, things are at least coming together.

I'll leave you with this image of beautiful cupcakes from Judy at Cupcake Delights...

They coordinate beautifully with my color scheme...don't you think?

Since Cupcake Delights is now offering shipping...Judy and I are working on a giveaway for you and I'll be posting more photos and the details for that soon.

I hope you all are doing well - I'm definitely wondering what you all have planned for your Thanksgiving celebrations.
I so appreciate your comments and support - they make my day.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!

So many of you have inquired as to how I am able to do all of these things and keep up with my two year old...not to mention my two older children and regular life.
There are days when I'm NOT successful at keeping up...
many times when I'm beating myself up for not being able to do more...
and many days when guilt sets in feeling like I'm not dedicating enough time to my kids.
And then there are many days when I amaze myself at all that I am juggling.
I have made a promise to do the park with Ella on Tuesdays and I try to limit computer-use once the kids get home.
I'm constantly making adjustments - trust me.
I think my saving grace is that I'm truly passionate about all of these things and my excitement continually refills my ever-depleting energy supply.
I also have a wonderful support system.
J cheers me on and has overlooked the chaos many times.
Over the past few weeks, my mom has graciously offered to watch Ella for me on Thursdays. (wow! that's been SO nice and probably the only reason I've been able to survive the past two baby showers).

I also get up at 4a.m. everyday to accomplish things I can't get done when the kids are awake.
I'm very driven/adamant about carving out this "quiet" time...I don't even use an alarm clock.
I wake up anywhere between 3:30 and 4a.m. everyday...
but I also head to bed by 9:30 every night. *wink*


Moore Minutes said...

Your Thanksgiving colors look gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing your finished product! <3 Your taste is incredible and always inspirational. I just posted my Thanksgiving table for the year (and last year's too). I used plum in my decor for the first time.

Kori Clark said...

Love this "Keeping it real" more than any other Jess!! We really should make that trip and meet for coffee once things settle down...bahaha ok, perhaps we will just have to make it happen after the holidays regardless. Passion and love will continue to drive you and bring success. I feel like I am always tring to figure out the "best way" to make it work...but somehow, it always does. Keep it up, you are doing it all beautifully!

Unknown said...

I thank you for you constant dedication to inspiring all of us. Not to mention during all this time you are working an my etsy order which I am acting as a blushing bride to anyone who will want to listen to me talk invitations!

You continually keep me uplifted as a working mom. So keep on trucking because everyday you remind all of us over schedulers/doers that we can do it!

Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

You mentioned your secret project for the dessert table. Will you be doing the baking, thus coordinating the serveware, or will it be like most family gatherings and others bring desserts to add to yours? If the latter, how will you manage the setup of the table to look the way you want?

Unknown said...

Michele - I will be doing all of the baking. We are also providing the turkey and ham and everyone else is bringing all of the sides, etc. I usually always do the desserts anyway so it works to my advantage now to be in full control of the dessert table. *wink*

Wait'll you see what I've been working on...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out as adorable as it is in my head! *wink*

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