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Wednesday, September 15

i'm always thrilled to work on design requests for my friend Kim over at the TomKat Studio!
I anxiously await the release of her new products incorporating the custom graphic elements I've sent her.
i'm like a kid opening a present when i see the link to preview the new product release!
i have to say...
out of all the of the designs/silhouettes i've created for her so far...(firetruck, alice, fairy & another one that's yet to be revealed)....

this "sassy witch" silhouette i designed for Kim's brand-new Glam Halloween Collection REALLY had me excited!!

isn't she just SO sassy!
sassy witch halloween collection
look at the magic Kim created with the party accessories and invites...

LOVE these sassy table labels and cupcake toppers too...
sassy witch halloween collection3

and these sassy little treats from sweeties should get you REALLY excited for that giveaway i mentioned yesterday...
sassy witch halloween collection2

Kim did an amazing job and I hope you are feeling completely inspired for the upcoming holidays!
I only gave you just a teeny tiny peek at all of the fun details, so be sure to take your sassy little self over to her blog to see the full post!

photography: laura winslow
chocolate covered oreos: sweeties by kim

i'm REALLY jealous that Kim has two different photographers she can call on for her fabulous photo shoots!
"i want one!!" (lying face down on the ground, kicking and flailing my arms in a full tantrum)...*wink*


Colleen { HappyLittleArt } said...

I absolutly LOVE your "Keeping it Real" makes me happy...Thanks for todays laugh!

The graphics are adorable!!

Lora Joy said...

your silhouettes are FABULOUS! im jealous kim has you! hehe!

stephanie Toole said...

Love it! I planning on ordering your lemonade and sunshine invites soon.. sooo excited!

Glory/ Glorious Treats said...

Your "keeping it real" comments are always my favorite!!

Can I join the "I'm jealous of Kim/ Tomkat Studio" club?? =)

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