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{thirsty thursday} diy projects

Thursday, July 29


defined as a day to share something...ANYTHING... that makes my mouth water...
quenches my creative tastebuds...or satisfies my thirst for inspiration.

i'm on such a diy kick lately.
i have this especially strong craving to paint and create.
it seems every time i turn around i find another project i'd like to get my hands on?

here are just a few of the images i've come across lately that have been adding fuel to fire...

wedding escort card door display
although intended for use at a wedding, i LOVE this idea because i've been looking for an easy, creative way to display pictures of inspiration i come across. i could recreate this look with any of the old windows i already have.

painted vintage cupboard
{source: dreamywhites}
i've been itching to get the paint out and transform several of my pieces of furniture.
when i saw this...and the fact that the paint color is included at the bottom of the post... really got me itchin'!! (and i'll take everything in the cupboard too, please!)

did you happen to notice the recurring chicken wire theme in the doors?

vintage-looking wooden signs
{source: signs by diane}
i've already posted previously my desire to learn how to recreate these little gems...

remember these???
{source: mypaintedporch}
i've just GOT to try my hand at these - they're too beautiful to resist!
i've GOT to know how they create these without the use of vinyl!?
Do they print out the phrase and use that transfer paper and THEN paint and distress?
if you've got ideas or the know-how PLEASE share!!

bouquet garni
{source: heather bullard}
this french herb bouquet is traditionally used to prepare soups, stews and stocks.
it really inspires me to get to work on goal #14 - plant an herb garden
(but i' MUST have those scissors too...*wink*)

edible diy
these creations are absolutely adorable!
{source: bakerella}
i never cease to be amazed with the variety of cake pops bakerella comes up with!
these would be perfect for a "back-to-school" ice cream party...wouldn't they?

so many projects...
so little time.
i think i'll start on this one first...

this piece of iron work is something i "saved" from a neighbors trash pile.
go ahead...
but it's a true story.
i was frantically driving out of the neighborhood one morning...
in fact, i was trying to get to clara's graduation on time.
we were running late.
my mind was spinning a million miles a minute.
clara was in the car with me.
all of a sudden i see it!
i slam on my brakes...(it sounds much more dramatic than it was - no squealing or anything)
jump out of the car...
inquire of the painter in front of the house if it's an item the owners are intending to get rid of...
he says "yes"...
i say "great! i'm taking it!"...
i throw it in the back of my vehicle like it's nobody's business...
jump back in and drive off - never having missed a beat! *wink*

i love the "chippy" feel of it...
but i've been wanting to paint it.
i think it's time.

any of YOU feeling the urge to take on some d.i.y. projects lately?
would love to know what you are working on!
and if you hadn't had the urge...
i hope this "thirsty thursday" post has inspired you!


Teri said...

I completely understand salvaging other peoples refuse! The old saying goes! One mans trash is another mans treasure! I love the blue that you used on your cabinet, it looks so refreshing! I have a big (REALLY BIG) old armoire that is in need of a good painting. Can you tell me what type of paint you used? I really love that tone of blue! Even though I have projects.... You still have inspired me! Thank you!

Just this... Alice said...

Now that's what I call a good find. I am loving the black on the piece against the background. Can't wait to see how you paint and display it.

Misty Makes said...

Here is the tutorial that got me started on these vintage signs.

I've only made a couple for my own home. The first one took a while but now I can just fly through them.
This is my first visit to your blog and I'll definetly be back.

Unknown said...

laceylady...i'm so glad you visited and i'm thrilled you've left a link for the vintage signs tutorial! i can't wait to go check it out! and i look forward to having you visit again!!

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