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STYLING | Valentine's Day Hot Cocoa Bars

Friday, January 24

Fresh florals to replace the fresh cedar and now we've got a whole new look for the Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa Bar I created for Christmas. I love how everything else was kept exactly the same except for the florals and now it looks like a completely different hot cocoa bar - perfectly perfect for Valentine's Day or a winter wedding.  (see the original ->Christmas Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa Bar)

I then took things a step farther after a fun poll on Instagram stories.
I gave everyone over there 3 different "Valentine's-ish" sign options to choose from and here's what they picked...

Same florals, different sign and now another different vibe....even more Valentine's-esque.
This "Cuddles + Cocoa" sign is just so simple and charming and was actually my personal favorite of the three options I let everyone choose from.

I went into designing this with the idea of creating a cozy, dreamy, romantic setting for a night of snuggling on the couch with Jay while sipping on mugs of delicious hot cocoa and binge-watching Netflix together. *wink*

I hope this inspires you...knowing how simple changes can create an entirely new vibe - for your home decor, for your wardrobe, heck...even a recipe. *wink*

And...I hope this lights your creative fire for some cozy Valentine's Day ideas...we are exactly three weeks away from celebrating!!

PS - Flash Freebie RIGHT NOW to grab this sign and the other two I mentioned for FREE...
see details below!

Love you friends!!

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TODAY ONLY...for my blog readers and IG followers...
"Flash Freebie" happening now! Grab all three signs as FREE DOWNLOADS until 10pm this evening. THREE signs to choose from --> and THREE SIZES for all three signs --> 11x14, 16x20 or 20x30 (as shown in these images). 

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UPDATE: Flash Freebie has expired!
so as not to miss out on the next "Flash Freebie" and other free Printables.

The cozy, dreamy Valentine's Day night I mentioned?'s actually going to look just a tiny bit different.
There's a daddy daughter dance that evening and Ella's bestie is coming to town for the weekend. So much for the "romantic" part of the evening! Ha!! We love when Elise is here and I'm totally looking forward to snuggling all together for a movie after they return from the dance. Lol!

Slow start to my January with regards to my blog but slayin' things on the homefront with getting organized, decluttering and setting goals for 2020.
I love using the entire month of January to reflect on the previous myself time to set some well thought-out goals. 

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