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STYLING | Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa + Cookies Bar

Wednesday, January 8

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The family voted to bring back the snickerdoodle hot cocoa flavor this year for our annual family hot cocoa bar..and I certainly wasn't going to argue. It's hands-down one of our favorite flavors we've come up with.

It's creamy and delicious, and absolutely "cozy in a cup"...or mug in this case.
I promise, once you've had a mug of this...I'm not certain you'll ever go back to classic hot cocoa mix again - recipe linked at bottom of post.

Since I'd done the "Boho Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa Bar" previously, I knew I had to come up with ways to make this one unique and a little different.

Four specific, intentional things I decided to do differently this year was the addition of snickerdoodle cookies to the bar, the creation of cinnamon marshmallows, splurging on some beautiful handmade mugs and plates and the creation of a bulk recipe for Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa Mix - eliminating the need to add brown sugar and ground cinnamon to your mug like we did last time. Bulk recipe linked at the bottom of post.

Believe it or not, I started designing the background of this sign November 2018...
I just never had time to finish it for our 2018 hot cocoa season. (just one more reason I had my Christmas decor up by Halloween night this I could ENJOY the holidays this go around). Lol.

Anyway, good thing because the whole vibe of the sign compliments the snickerdoodle theme this year. I'm in love with the subtle snowflake details and the Old World charm. (sign tutorial coming)

Framing out the sign with fresh cedar gives a subtle nod to the Christmas season, which I adore.

Knowing we'd be keeping the hot cocoa bar up through February, as in previous years, I wanted something that would transition seamlessly from Christmas and throughout the winter season. (and allow me to use it for Valentine's Day with a few simple changes - that idea is coming soon).

You'll notice in some of the images, I originally only had greenery on the sign and the hot cocoa mix jar but later decided to add it to the glass dome on the cookies and also chose to lay a piece on the small cake stand holding the wood spoons, paper straws, cinnamon sugar shaker, and the cinnamon sticks used for garnish + decor.  It's simple little touches like that that make the overall look feel finished and cohesive. I'm so happy with it.

Sit back and enjoy the imagery...I'm hoping it will inspire you to create your own Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa + Cookies Bar this winter season. Resources listed at the bottom of the post.

I love when home decor doubles as a family treat - don't you?
But seriously, could you see a version of this used at a wedding. Gasp!!


Cinnamon Marshmallows Recipe

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Glass Dome + Cake Stand - TJ Maxx
Small Marble-Topped Cake Stand - Tuesday Morning
Handmade Mugs + Plates
Cabinet with drawers
Table Runner
Sign - Pen + Paper Flowers
Copper Spoons - Tuesday Morning
Striped Straws - couldn't find striped but here's another option
Marshmallow Jar - juicer jar I had...removed the juicing components.
Glass and Wood Jar for Hot Cocoa Mix
Mini Wooden Scoop for Hot Cocoa Mix
Wood Spoons - Amazon

I may or may not have devoured sipped on a ridiculous amount of mugs of snickerdoodle hot cocoa during the month of December. It's just sooooo good.

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