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Thursday, August 22

"A meaningful life, no matter where you live, is all in the details."

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I am smitten my friends!!
This book has been speaking my inspirational love language ever since I opened it.

The Cook's Atelier is filled with pages spilling over with beautiful stories, gorgeous imagery and multi-faceted inspiration. And I haven't even gotten to the recipe section yet.

I'm learning so much more about joie de vivre, the beauty and wisdom of a kitchen potager, how to properly care for and maintain wooden cutting boards, French and European kitchen tools, high-quality provisions and staples of a French kitchen - including a bouquet garni like this one, and the lovely story of how The Cook's Atelier Cooking School came to be. (hint: a mother and daughter duo from living out their cooking dreams in Beaune, France). Amazing!

Technically, I guess you would say this is a cookbook...
but it's soooo much more than that.

I've always felt drawn to European lifestyle, (architecture, design, food, countryside, style), and as I've gotten older, I'm starting to realize it could very well stem from the fact that it's in my blood. My grandmother was French and my maiden name is I've got French coming from both sides...I think I just can't help myself. It may also explain why I love listening to Pandora's French Cooking Station  - on any given day. *wink*

It only makes sense then, as to why this book has inspired me on so many levels.
If any of the things I've mentioned, so far, elevate your heart rate a little like they do mine...this might be the book for you too.

And if you need some more are a few images from inside The Cook's well as some excerpts that resonated with me...

"As the world gets more and more homogenized, we feel that traditions 
such as kitchen gardens, small farms, and charcuterie and cheese-making, 
as well as artisanal baking, should be protected."

"We are big believers that less is more when it comes to good cooking, 
and when you use best-quality ingredients, even the simplest dish will shine."

"...the intention of our gatherings is to create an experience and to 
have all of the elements work together to evoke a certain feeling."

"We strive to create a beautiful ambiance, and so that means putting thought into
 the menu and using things we've collected over the years to create an inviting table. 
(no matter if the meal is intended to be casual or formal)."

As I said, I'm still at the beginning of the book and look forward to the delicious recipes to come.
This book has me dreaming of attending The Cook's Atelier Cooking School in France one day - they welcome a variety of cooks - novices on up to restaurant chefs. 

In the meantime, I'm currently on the hunt for a mezzaluna and other essential kitchen tools and you better believe I'll be adding some things from The Cook's Atelier online shop to my birthday, Mother's Day and Christmas wish lists. *wink*

You can find the book on Amazon or any local bookstore but here's the direct link for you: The Cook's Atelier Book

Does this sort of thing excite you too?
Or is it just me over here feeling giddy about all things "European kitchen"?

Au revoir pour l'instant mes amis... (goodbye for now my friends...)

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Anyone else listen to the French Cooking Station on Pandora? (that obsession for me started way before this book.) Ha!!

But seriously...I specifically get up earlier than normal just to be able to read some pages from this book before my day gets started.

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