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SUMMER | Front Porch Refresh

Thursday, July 25

Earlier this Summer, I was inspired to spruce up the front porch while we were trimming up some of the landscape plants as a family. I sat on the front steps, pausing for a breather and wiping the sweat from my brow, when my eyes were drawn to a pretty pile of clementine peels left behind from an earlier snack. I loved the beautiful color contrast of the soft orange peels against the minty blue exterior of our home and new right then and there I had to somehow recreate the color scheme throughout the front porch. But how?

Kumquats. Perfect...small enough to add pops of color without overwhelming the space. 
Sure...oranges or clementines would've been the obvious choice...but a memory from my childhood pushed me in a different direction; Cheering in the Kumquat Bowl - the "Super Bowl" of middle school football way back when in my hometown of Apopka. 

Along with adding a delightful Kumquat tree to the front porch, I also added some faux kumquats to the front door wreath. A few new pots for the three existing olive trees, swapping my alyssums for some portulaca and adding a sensible solution for watering all of my pretties - the addition of a gorgeous new copper hose finally feels finished.

I hope you enjoy how it all turned out...sources at the bottom of the post.

I really love how it turned out and I'm so happy we get to enjoy this pretty space.
As summer is winding down and with just weeks away from school starting...I think it's going to transition into the Fall and winter months quite nicely.

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LINKED SOURCES - simply click
Copper Hose Pot <--- easy link but found mine HERE for less
Copper Lantern next to Rosemary - mine was given to me as a gift.
Tall Lantern - found at my local Goodwill
White Bench - from a vintage market years ago
Wood Front Door Mat <--- linked something similar (mine was Smith+ Hawken from Target)
Olive Trees - I ordered mine online and the experience wasn't awesome. Plus, I realized I paid way too much after seeing them at Walmart for $15.

4. When the large olive tree was in my house - before I realized it wasn't thriving + moved it.

The kumquat tree is real. The kumquats are not.
Since the tree won't start producing fruit until winter and I'm not that patient, I decided to add my own for visual interest. Ha!!

This kumquat tree is a Centennial Variegated Kumquat tree.
The fruit it produces will be sweet + tangy - unlike the classic sour kumquat.
I can't wait to pick them off the tree and eat them...peel and all.

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