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Monday, September 12

24x36 Caramel Apple Bar Chalkboard Sign

Have you all ever created a Caramel Apple Bar for a wedding, birthday or celebration?
I, personally, have NOT...but I've definitely been inspired to do so!

I think something like this would be so fun at a Fall PartyNeighborhood Party, Craft Night, Classroom Party or even as part of your Thanksgiving Day or "Friendsgiving" celebrations!!

I've had a lot of customers reach out to me to create a Caramel Apple Bar Collection for them and
today, I have made it available in the shoppe as an easy download! (It works just like the Chalkboard Popcorn Bar Collection!!)

Along with the printable 24x36 Caramel Apple Bar chalkboard sign you'll also receive...

Two different 8x10 "Directions" Signs 
"Take Home" edition + "Enjoy Now" edition

A set of Caramel Apple Bar Topping Tags
leave square or use a 2.25" circle punch to create round labels

If you need ideas for how to set up a Caramel Apple Bar, check out my APPLE EVERYTHING Pinterest board where you'll find tons of ideas! I personally think I would go with this "Apple Wedge" approach when setting up an interactive Caramel Apple Bar. It just seems more cost-effective and way more practical since I think kids and adults are less likely to eat an entire apple.

Besides that, I like the thought of being able to try a couple of different flavor combinations instead of being stuck with only one - who's with me on that? *wink*

If you are on the fence about whether or not you want to create a Caramel Apple Bar this Fall...I'm offering $5 off the NEW Caramel Apple Bar Collection for the next 24 hours!

EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS ENJOY $10 OFF - emails have just been sent!

Maybe that will convince you? All you have to do is go to the Chalkboard Caramel Bar Collection in my shoppe and enter CARAMELAPPLE during checkout!!

I hope you've been inspired!
I'd love to know if you've created one before and if you have any tips + tricks you think will be helpful as I scheme on what to do for mine this year!!


I took these photos last week.
It's all still sitting on the floor in my studio. (even the caramel) *gasp*

Speaking of the caramel...
When prepping for the photoshoot, I just so happened to see the jar in the overflow fridge when I was grabbing the apples. Which means I didn't have to make some or buy some to use in the photos. AND...I'm pretty sure it's from last Fall, when I made caramel apple pie! *hands over eyes*

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