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LIFE | Easter 2016

Monday, March 28

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend!
Thought I'd share some photos I took from Easter day...

I have to say, this was one of the most relaxing Easter Sundays to date.
Ella wore the dress she wore for the Daddy Daughter Dance and did her egg hunting in the morning, we went to church and then returned home for a relaxing day which included coloring eggs. I usually color the eggs prior to Easter Sunday but I like how we ended up doing them as part of our Easter celebration this year - I think I may be keeping this tradition.

Funny Easter Story:
Ella discovered her dad's shoes by the front door on Easter morning.
After careful investigation, Ella ran into our room and informed us the Easter bunny had worn her dad's shoes to bring the Easter baskets inside the house. The clues that led her to this conclusion:
1. Her dad never leaves his shoes at the front door, so clearly someone else wore them. *wink*
2. There was dirt left on the carpet in the foyer, from the shoe-wearing Easter Bunny of course.
3. There were remnants of white hair left behind on the carpet as well. Clearly rabbit fur although it looked strikingly similar to our dog's white hair.
4. The Easter baskets were left right inside the front door this year instead of the usual spot...the front porch. The Easter Bunny obviously did not want to leave the baskets outside since it'd been raining for a couple of days. Nothing to do with Mom forgetting to handle some last minute preparations.

So cute, right?

Stay tuned for the fun details I'll be sharing about Ema's 17th birthday cake.
AND I'm gearing up this week to finally share the photos from the Alice in ONEderland themed first birthday dessert table I created back in December! *wink*

See you back here tomorrow for "Let's Talk Tuesday"!

I didn't decorate at all this year for Easter.  *frown*
Between me finally feeling somewhat normal after being sick since the end of January, J developing the flu last weekend and the girls being on Spring Break this past week leading up to Easter...I simply had no energy or desire to do much of anything except survive the daily routine of things and try to make Spring Break as fun as possible.

Ella, Ema and I were the only ones that gathered for the egg coloring Sunday afternoon and we tried some of those q-tip egg coloring sticks this year. (a bit messy but fun to make polka dots with..and what part of coloring eggs isn't messy anyway.) *wink*

Oh! And the ham dinner I cooked for Easter dinner was a complete disaster.
It didn't cook long enough so the green beans and potatoes weren't done.
Then I decided to serve some bread we'd had earlier in the week as a filler and of was a little stale. Perfect to go with the underdone crunchy green beans and potatoes. Ha!
Oh well. We ate it anyway...

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