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LET'S TALK TUESDAY | No. 7 :: Camera Q&A

Tuesday, March 1

As I'm settling in to type this post today I've got Pandora blasting on the birthday present J got for me back in November and the house is ROCKING!!

I'm currently listening to "The Chainsmokers" Station - in particular this new-to-me-song called Faded by Alan Walker. Currently crushing on "Don't Let Me Down" by The Chainsmokers  - it completely booms!!! (and I like boom). *wink*

So let's get to the question this week...

Q: Hello. I've been wanting to ask you about what camera you use? I think I saw Nikon mentioned somewhere but can't remember and don't know what kind. I just love your photos and hope to invest in a new camera soon to help improve on the quality of my photos. I have a Canon point and shoot and it's just not cutting it. Did you ever take photography classes or do you just have a natural ability for taking such pretty pictures? Sorry. Guess there's more than one question here. 
Thanks for answering. - Nikki C.

A: I am one lucky girl, as I was given a new camera for Christmas - the Nikon D750. Prior to that though, I'd been using the Nikon D70 for over 10 years. It was an awesome camera and my first DSLR. It took great photos and the only time it was ever in the shop for repairs was after my daughter, Clara, accidentally dropped it one Summer while we were on vacation. Yikes! 

I decided on going with a "full frame" camera this time - which is what the Nikon D750 is. 
It's a dreamy camera with beautiful resolution, video capability and wifi built in - making it so easy to send the photos I've taken with my DSLR straight to my iPhone for easy uploading to Instagram - or other social media outlets. 

And YES!! I did take a fantastic online photography class many years ago. The gal's name is Karen Russell and when I went to grab the link for you I was sad to hear the news that she has decided, after 10 years, to close up shop. *frown* But her class is where I REALLY learned some key things about photography...and when I got brave enough to switch to "manual" mode. *wink*

With that said, I do still take plenty of photos with my iPhone too! Just not as often for the blog. Over the last couple of years I'd been getting lazy and found myself just reaching for my phone instead of my DSLR - but my passion has been reignited with my new camera. 

If you are looking to upgrade or invest in a high quality camera, you do not have to spend a ton of money - and I would advise against it unless you are considering a career or serious hobby in photography. I was instructed in the beginning to pick a brand and stick with it. Nikon or Canon are the two most popular brands out there and you can't go wrong with either. Of course, I'm a very happy Nikon girl and would push you in that direction. *wink* With that said, great photography is really about learning composition, understanding lighting and PRACTICE!! If you can take a photography class, I would highly recommend it. 

I hope that helps!

Do you all have a favorite iPhone case you'd recommend?
I recently upgraded to the iPhone 6s Plus and as much as I love the really "pretty" cases out there, I need something that offers serious protection. I ended up going with this OtterBox but I just feel like there's got to be cuter options out there!! And to be honest, I also ordered this Lumee case but it's not really all that cute and I don't take enough selfies to justify the cost - so I'm sending it back.

Thanks for being here my friends!!
Ask me anything, anytime, by emailing me, leaving a comment here on the blog or by asking your question as a comment on Instagram! (email: pnpflowersinc AT gmail DOT com)


For those of you who noticed, I have to apologize for missing our LTT last week.
I've been sick since the end of January and have had zero energy. Two doctor appointments and I'm finally starting to feel the "head cold cloud" lift. #sograteful Thanks for your prayers and positive thoughts - they most certainly helped!

Confession: I've only gotten through about 2 chapters in the owner's manual on my new camera...which means I'm barely using the perks this camera actually comes with.

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