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Wednesday, October 14

You guys!! I have been a pumpkin pinning crazed lunatic over the last two weeks!
You should TOTALLY go check out all of the DIY ideas, recipes, crafts and all-things-pumpkin on my PUMPKIN EVERYTHING pinterest board. I've been so inspired! You'll be inspired too!! I "pumpkin promise"!! *wink*

Aside from the charming pumpkins shown in the first photo from my friend Tammy, here are just a few more favorites I think will entice you even more to take a peek at my PUMPKIN EVERYTHING PINTEREST BOARD.

I love this idea. Use a dollar store pumpkin and cover them with cornhusks!
Ties nicely into my creamy white, rustic decor!! Love the moss accents too!

Okay. Holy cow! How did someone manage to squeeze everything I love into one cake:
Pumpkin, chocolate, salted caramel and cream cheese frosting! Stop it!!!

These look amazing! They are supposed to be EASY too!

Layers of pumpkin, vanilla pudding and praline crumble goodness...yes please!

I cannot even read this post because it's in another language
but I'm still completely smitten with the presentation and the idea of making these!!

Just wrap your white pumpkins with some bittersweet and call it done. I'm doing this!!

Simple concept here. And I love the addition of straw between each pumpkin for some added texture.

From yours truly - remember this DIY from a few years back?
STILL love it! Who would've thought something so cute could be made from mason jar bands?

Don't forget the delicious pumpkin milkshakes I posted!! They are must-try this season!!

You haven't even seen the DIY Sweater Pumpkins, Pumpkin Spice Latte Donuts, Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts, Floral Moon Pumpkin, No-Carve DIY Balloon Dipped Pumpkins, Pumpkin Snickerdoodles and so many more FUN pumpkin ideas and recipes. May as well just follow my Pumpkin Everything board - there's no end in sight at this point to what I'll be pinning next. *wink*

Stay tuned for the scoop on the Pumpkin Bars and Kahlua + Cream cupcakes from the Spiders + Spirits themed dessert table. PLUS...I'll be sharing the chalkboard signage I used as well! Don't miss it!!

You would absolutely fall over in your boots if you saw the state of my studio right now. I've fallen a couple of times myself, tripping over things. Ha! It's still a disaster from the recent Tuesday Morning project...and to be completely honest, that was just the icing on the cake. It was messy prior to that. I must clean up the chaos that is my life right now!


Unknown said...

Such a great post! Halloween is my favorite holiday so I can get a little intense about it haha! PS the little "Keeping it real" section at the bottom of each post is such a cute idea! It is so humanizing and helps make a community feel! I love it!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Annie Abbey! I'm thrilled you loved the Pumpkin post...and my "keeping it real" section. I do try to keep things a little more "human" around here. *wink*

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