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Monday, January 5

It's the first real working week for me since ringing in the New Year!
I think it's probably that way for many of us.
So…it's time to get down to business….right?

Well…business for me, today, includes a breakdown on my thoughts behind how  the "One Little Word" (OLW) I've chosen for 2015 will play a huge roll in my ideas and wishes for this new year.

PLUS…I'm (1) making a fun announcement today that may also (2) include a giveaway… a triple whammy to get things rolling!! That should keep you reading…right?

So, before I go into the specifics of the "WHAT"…
let me start with the "WHY"behind my pretty little word this year…SHINE

The "Why"
Remember I told you the word found me?
First, it was in the form of a book called SHINE from Compendium.
Then, one Sunday at church, we ended the service by singing an impromptu acapella rendition of "This Little Light of Mine". Even though I didn't actually grow up singing that song…as I'm sure many of you did…I recognized it right away and sang right along to it. (clueless to the fact that it would be symbolic of my olw for 2015).

You see, I wasn't searching for my One Little Word when I received the Shine book OR sang along to the "This Little Light of Mine" song so it wasn't until a couple of weeks later that the lightbulb went off in my head. I realized my one little word had been sitting just outside my door…quietly waiting for me to open it. I'm always amazed and surprised how things like that work out.

On top of that…I also realized sooooo many of the daily inspirational quotes I created and shared over the past year on my Instagram feed were related to SHINE. So crazy and awesome!!

So I'd like to think that my 2014 word, Navigate…led me to my 2015 word…Shine!
I really believe in that stuff.

The "What"
SHINE…what does that mean exactly?
If you look up the actual definition it means a couple of different things:
1. Give out a bright light.
2. Be very talented or perform very well.
3. A quality of brightness - especially from reflected light.

That's exactly what I want my year to be about!!
1. I want to radiate
2. I want to perform well
3. I want to reflect goodness and light in my own world as well as in the world around me.

I REALLY want to SHINE this year.

And when I say "shine" I mean I want to
SHINE in my relationships.
SHINE in my work.
SHINE to inspire others.
SHINE through negativity and doubt.
SHINE through the darkness that surrounds us all in this crazy, mixed up world.
SHINE so brilliantly I push past fear, worry, anxiety, exhaustion and completely trust in His love for me and the direction He has for my life.

I want to SHINE in every aspect of my life...

I've started a list of things/goals related to my life and my business.
After my list is completely written out…I'll SIMPLIFY it…choosing a handful of things to focus on.

So…just as my 2014 word, Navigate, moved and guided me towards SIMPLICITY + Authenticity…
SHINE will continue to LIGHT my path and keep me traveling in the same direction.

This one little word concept can be powerful stuff.

"It's about pinpointing one guiding principle and then walking with that word throughout the year." - Ali Edwards

The idea is to pick the word you need - a word that will motivate you.
You then find a visual way (or ways) to keep that word in front of you as a reminder through the year.
(an art print, a piece of jewelry, etc).
Then...of course, you find ways to incorporate that word into your life in order to grow.

I've gone as far as choosing a SONG to go with my word.
For last year's word Navigate, I chose Oceans by Hillsong.
This year…I'm choosing Elizabeth Mitchell's version of "This Little Light Of Mine" - no brainer, right?

If you REALLY want to get serious about choosing and implementing the One Little Word concept into your life, check out the One Little Word Online Workshop by Ali Edwards. She offers the workshop every year in which you'll receive monthly emails filled with content and videos that will inspire and encourage you along the way. WATCH THIS AWESOME VIDEO about Ali's story and the One Little Word Concept!!

I'm excited you guys.
I'm also excited about some fun new ideas I've got for this blog.
One of which is the announcement of the new


Those of you who don't read - don't roll your eyes just yet.
You're going to want to hear this because this is going to be a
different sort of Book Club.

You all KNOW how much I love books around here.
But I'm not sure if you've made the connection yet with the TYPES of books and the TYPE of reading I like to do.

I do books that will inspire creativity 
and books I can learn something from.

I have been wanting to start the Book Club since the end of Summer but knowing the holidays were around the corner I just didn't feel the timing was right. So I had to wait…impatiently by the way.

For me…the idea of doing the Book Club WAS NOT born out of my desire to WANT to read more or to encourage YOU all to read more. Come to think of it, it has nothing to do with reading at all. 

The book club idea came to life because it should have ALWAYS been here, honestly.
I've been sharing books that interest and inspire me for a long time here on the blog.
Now I'm just inviting you to join along with me!! Fun, right?

Remember these: What Do You Do with An Idea, She, Butter Baked Goods, Miette, Carrot Soup, With Love and Two ?

With that said…my monthly book selections will be EASY reads. These will be books I have carefully, thoughtfully and intentionally selected to inspire a number of different ways for your REAL life.

You won't find any steamy novels, controversial reads, dramas or science fiction going on in this book club. You may however find yourself  in "horror" if you decide not to participate because this book club should add some "action and adventure" to your life! Ha!! I couldn't help myself!! *wink*

I'll be selecting books to inspire us in the kitchen, in our homes, and even at our desks. These books will inspire us as women. And even though I could TOTALLY pick a pretty baking book every month…the book selections will extend beyond that. 

I can't begin to tell you how much I'm going to love sharing this experience with you. I really think you are going to love it!! (maybe just as much as I do).


Monthly Book Selection
The book selection for the upcoming month will be announced here on the blog, the 2nd Friday of the month prior. For instance, February's book selections will be announced on January 9th - this Friday.
This time frame should give you a couple of weeks to head to the library OR find the book on Amazon or at your favorite book store before we get started.

Monthly Book Review/Discussion
A book review/discussion will be posted here on the blog the very last day of every month.
February's Book Review will happen on Saturday, February 28th.
In each discussion I will share my views on the book and will look for feedback from you by way of you leaving a comment on the blog.

So…to recap…
The book we will be "reading" for February will be announced on January 9th.
You will get the book and start reading it on February 1st.
On February 28th we will come back here to check in and share our thoughts about the book.

Easy enough, right?
And the best part is…
This is something ANYONE can participate in at ANY time.
There are no rules…no commitments.

I'm just looking to share with you what I'm already doing…what I'm already reading…
and if you are inspired to read along with me…GREAT!! I will LOVE it!!

Email subscribers will automatically receive notification of the monthly book club selections - so if you aren't signed up yet you can SIGN UP HERE! 

Stay tuned for February's Book Club Selection announcement on Friday!
I'll be giving away a FREE copy of the book I've chosen along with a copy of the "SHINE" book
that helped inspire the choosing of my One Little Word for 2015.

The Teresa Collins clear + gold acrylic clipboard and cute gold notebook you see in the first photos were items I recently found at my local JoAnn's. I thought they were the perfect, pretty reminders for me to SHINE??


I've already found myself singing my theme song around the house a couple of times.
It's bound to drive my two older girls nuts. *wink*


dawn@joyfulscribblings said...

Love your OLW. I've done the OLW workshop in the past and love it. This year my word is Release. Not just releasing things and clutter, but limiting beliefs, fear and worry. I can't wait to see how you shine this year and I look forward to your book club. I love books too!

Bouresgirl said...

Hi Jessica! I haven't commented in a long time but wanted to let you know I love your word pick for 2015. Your inspiration always "shines" through your posts and I have looked to it many times over the last couple of years. Planning parties for my girls or setting up a hot cocoa bar at work to promote fellowship. Or I am reminded of something you posted, for instance I heard a story about something called God Winks and when I looked up the book, it used the word navigate in the description, which I instantly thought of your 2014 word. Or even minor things like when you picked out your new favorite color combination over the summer and I was at Gymboree picking up new birthday tees for my girls and the writing/decoration was in those same exact colors. :) Thanks for posting such positive things (that I wouldn't be embarrassed about showing my girls) and I look forward to much more inspiration in 2015!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Bouresgirl - I can't tell you how much your comment means to me!! (because of the fact that you mentioned it's been awhile since you have commented AND because I'm happy you love "Shine"). I really am touched by the fact that you said you've been inspired by things like the parties and hot cocoa bar I've posted. The fact that you remember "Navigate" being my word for 2014 - wow!! I'm just SO incredibly flattered. I can't even begin to adequately put it into words. You being here and reading the blog makes me so very happy. Thank you for your blog love & support!! It feels good to hear stuff like that now and then. Thank you!!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Hi Dawn!! You are awesome! I'm so glad to have been able to meet you at Snap! last year!! I'm glad you love my word and I LOVE yours!! And I'm thrilled you'll be participating in the PNPF Book Club! Yahoo!!

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