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Tuesday, January 27

Ella and Elise.
Elise and Ella.
These two sweet girls have been besties since they were two years old...and now they both are six.

They typically get together on Fridays for a playdate after school - and we rotate houses every week.
The photos I'm sharing today are from the playdate they had together last week at our house.
I had just finished putting makeup on each of them because they were prepping for a "fancy tea party" in Ella's room. This was of course after they had already had a fancy "Hot Cocoa Tea Party" at the dining table using the Hot Chocolate Bar  we have set up right now. 

Anyway, next thing I know they both came walking out of my closet with some "fancy" shoes on. Fancy tea party means fancy shoes, right? I giggled to myself as I watched them both wobble their way towards me and then I had them stop them in their tracks.

I couldn't let this moment go by without snapping some quick photos with my phone.
They both of course couldn't pass up the opportunity for some shenanigans and goofy poses for the photos. I couldn't help but think this was a glimpse into future photobooth photos and selfies these two are sure to take together for High School Proms and Homecomings.

Man!! Talk about a heartstring moment!! *sigh*
And look...Ella even has the arm pose down already. *wink*

It all goes too quickly, doesn't it!?
I just want to keep'em little. We all do, don't we?

I actually didn't even realize how long Ella and Elise have been friends until I stumbled upon a recent video of Ella. It was an interview-type video I was taking while Ella was sitting in her high chair eating a popsicle. I had asked the typical questions of "What's your name?" and "How Old Are You?" along with what she had had for dinner. Then, I asked her who her best friend was. She responded emphatically in her adorable 2 year old voice: "Leese!"

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