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Wednesday, November 5

I decided it was high-time to finally create an "About Page" for this blog.
You'd think I would've done it sooner at some point over the last 5 years…but I think for me...timing is everything. Let me explain...

You might assume the About Page was created for "you"…the readers of this blog.
After all, the information I'm sharing over there is very enlightening and obviously a great deal of insight about ME; the bits and pieces of my personality and the person behind this blog that you may have never known.

Honestly though, writing the Pen N' Paper Flowers About Page was for "me".
In an effort to get back to the essence of "who" I am and "why" I started this blog…
it was necessary for me to go through the process of actually writing down what makes me tick….what inspires me…where my roots are…and the many things I love. I want my blog to be a direct reflection of my life…my authentic life. Authentic content is what works for me in this blogging world we live in. I realize it's not for everyone…but it's so necessary for me.

I've always been the type that can't really promote something I don't believe in and since I never actually defined out loud what Pen N' Paper Flowers is all about…I struggled with the direction to take this blog. I didn't really have direction. Which is okay sometimes…I'm down for being spontaneous but for the long-term vision of this blog…I needed something to hang onto.

So…my About Page has now become my map. The map I can reference when:
I'm prepping post ideas
I'm approached by a brand
I'm asked to participate in a project
I'm considering a collaboration
I start to feel like I'm getting off course
and so much more...

Writing it was very therapeutic to say the least.
I started out just writing down anything and everything I could think of that I felt defined who I am. There were things I'd forgotten about and things I didn't really want to reveal. I tiptoed around some of the hard stuff and left some things open for interpretation. I kept reminding myself that this was just an "About Page"…not a book. But I really wanted to leave you feeling like you knew me on a much more personal level without completely sharing my entire life story with you in one VERY LONG POST. I think I was able to do that. You be the judge! (even though the post is still long I think it's an easy read).

The thing of it is…I HAD to do an About Page.
You see…there have been many times over the course of starting my blog that it's taken on a life of it's own. I found myself lost in the content on occasion…posting just to post but not really "feeling" the content.  I don't want to be that blogger. I've never wanted to be that blogger.

I LOVE blogging. I started blogging because I'm passionate about writing and sharing.
I'm passionate about inspiring others and I'm so completely passionate about journaling and documenting my life and my every day. Not for me actually...but for my children. They don't really get it now but I know one day they will and I also know they'll appreciate it.

Blogging is a form of expression for me…and it's an extension of who I am; A person who absolutely LOVES to be creative and someone who just wants to make my house a home and to keep my family first through my enthusiasm for making, baking and photo-taking!! That's it.

Blogging provides me with the opportunity to record my life in a way that will hopefully inspire others too. I really can't think of a more magical combination than that.

I'll be personally referencing "My Map" often because it was really written with the intent to help keep me focused on what matters most.

With that said, you may or may not notice a shift in the content I share on the blog. I've been slowly creeping towards the change for some time and look forward to keeping things authentic and real around here.

After all…when you love what you are doing and doing what you love…
People sense it.
People feel it.
People feed off of it.
People connect with it.
That's what I want for me…
and that's what I want for YOU!

Now…enough from me today…you've still got the new About Page to go check out!!

I have to be honest and tell you...I wrote and re-wrote and erased then put back, simplified then unsimplified, read and re-read, post-poned and 2nd guessed myself the entire way through it. But at the end of the day…I think I kept it real and that's what I was going for.


kansasgirl1 said...

Wow, what a great "About Me" page! I've enjoyed your blog for about two years now, but I'm really excited to keep up with you and what you'll be coming up with next. Well done, and doing very well! (Love the "me" picture, too)

Lillie said...

I think "about me" pages on blogs are so important- I think readers want to know about the person behind the blog, and I think it helps build a more intimate and trustworthy relationship with readers. It's definitely something that me and my blogging partner, Jess, are talking a lot about recently as we start our journey into the great big world of blogging.

Your "about me" page is so fresh and inspirational! I love how you broke down your blog name into definitions and how candidly honest you were with readers. Lots of great stuff! What a great example of what an "about me" page should be.

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Oh, it's SO Good! I knew there had to be something about booty shakin' in there! ;-)
I think you've just connected to every reader in a new and unique way. Each person will pinpoint something different from the list, in which they relate to you. Bravo!
Now I feel like writing all about me! LOL

dawn@joyfulscribblings said...

Great picture of you! I loved learning more about you and can totally relate to trying to remain authentic in this blog world.

Chelle said...

I loved this! It makes me think that we would be good friends. (That sounded a lot less stalker-ish in my head).

Tammy...ClothandPatina said...


You and I are so very similar. I literally felt like I was reading what my about me page should say but could never put it so perfectly. Your creativity and outlook are a true inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Ohhhh Tammy!! I've always felt a special connection with you and your comment absolutely confirmed that. I'm so happy to know we have a lot in common…I'm sure if the opportunity presented itself we could talk for hours over coffee (or cocoa)!! I'm so happy to have found you in this great big ole world that is made to seem small through social media, blogging and the internet!! Hugs!!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thank you Kansasgirl1 - I'm so happy to know you are still here on a regular basis! That makes my heart happy and I'm so glad you liked the overdue "About Page" too! *wink*

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thank you Dawn!! I'm so glad you could relate. I think there are a lot of us out there trying to find our way…trying to stay true to who we are…and still being able to keep what matters most...what matters most. *wink*

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Oh I am thrilled to hear that Chelle! I was hoping to connect with others in that exact way…feeling like we are friends, chatting over coffee or cocoa. *wink* NOT stalker-ish at all. Thanks for letting me know!!

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