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MUSIC | ColdPlay :: Ghost Stories

Monday, November 10

Coldplay - Ghost Stories
that's what's on my playlist these days.

In an effort to keep things authentic around here…
I knew I had to bring back the music.
Not the automated music that used to roll off the pages of this blog whenever you visited...
simply the MENTION of what's currently making my heart skip a beat.

It's bothered me for years now when I had to remove my actual playlist from the blog.
It was such a fun way to share new music with you but over time I had to take it down because it really s l o w e d the load time on this blog in a major way.

You have no idea how many times I've downloaded a new song, found a new artist or been inspired by something I've stumbled across and thought, "I really want to share this on my blog…I know someone else will love it too"!!

But it seemed really random and so I would just keep it to myself…or just share it with my girls.

You see, for my girls and I, music is kind of our "thing". I personally feel it's been the common thread that has kept me connected to the older two as we all continue to grow up. No matter how much I might irritate them, being the nagging mom that I can sometimes be…music seems to always break the ice a bit.

Clara and Ema have shared countless new artists with me and I with them. And truth be told…having them share with me what they are listening to keeps me young and in-the-know. *wink*

Anway - back to Coldplay.
I LOVE this album. I pretty much love everything Coldplay does though.
I do have to say this album is WAY melancholy.
It's all about the breakup of Chris Martin (lead singer) and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow.
But personally…it's chill. It's what I call perfect driving music.

I was trying to pick out my favorite songs to recommend to you but I pretty much like every song.
I always download the entire album any time Coldplay releases something new -  I don't typically do that with most artists.

I think my top 3 picks from the Ghost Stories album would be:
Always in my Head

And then I love the popular Sky Full of Stars...  
which inspired this Instagram Art Print I created about 8 weeks ago:

If you aren't already hooked…definitely check out the album.
There is even a "live" version available:

Find the albums on Amazon or iTunes:

Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories - Live

Do you love music too?
What's rocking your world right now?
Leave a comment - I'd love to hear!!

I'll be back with a Shutterfly post for this week, more photos from the Family Holiday Photo Shoot and the "What I've learned" post I mentioned I'd be sharing.

I expect to be announcing my new collaboration with The Cake Blog as well so stay tuned!!!


Bet you didn't know this but Clara, Ema and I all play the piano and actually play or have played a number of different instruments:
ME: flute, piano, organ, ukelele and the recorder - ha!
CLARA: piano, french horn, mellophone, xylophone & recorder
EMA: piano, xylophone, DRUMS and recorder

As far as the piano, we're not the professional kind since we sort of make things up a lot of the time.
But we're all naturally gifted when it comes to rhythm, pitch, tone and playing by ear. Clara and Ema even sing and harmonize together beautifully. I try to jump in there every now and then but I mainly get the eye rolls. Ema has even written her own music.

Now Ella…she loves music too.
Among her many, many talents and qualities…I'm just not convinced music is one of them.
But maybe she'll turn things around and surprise us all! *wink*
Regardless...we belt out Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" in the car together - even with everyone in the carline watching. We've got no shame!

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