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LIFE | The calm before the storm

Wednesday, August 13

I've got a tight grip on Summer you guys…I just DON'T want to let go.

I keep thinking about the fact that Ella starts Kindergarten, Clara starts college and my sweet Ema is smack dab in the middle getting ready to begin her Sophomore year in High School.

Things have been pretty chill this Summer including a small but steady stream of orders from my I've definitely been grateful for the sense of calm.

In fact, the Summer lull has allowed me to dive into some fun side projects like this Surprise 80th Birthday Party Save-the-Date I'm working on for a friend's mom. I just LOVE the color scheme we came up with based on her mom's love of Salt Water Taffy.

And you already saw the Baby Love Collection I was able to help whip up for another friend who was hosting a baby shower. (hoping to post pictures from the shower soon).

I've also been able to sneak in some fun at the beach, a backyard sandcastle, cherry pitting, lazy days with EllaAND…for extra fun…the family and I enjoyed a mini staycation this past weekend…

I REALLY needed to unplug and just soak up some sun.

But you know that saying…"The calm before the storm"???
Yep…it's about to get crazy over here.

And I'm not just talking about the fact that school starts on Monday…
I'm referring to some REALLY exciting projects I'm working on.
Two of which have super tight deadlines…I MAY be freaking over a little.

BUT…again…I'm holding onto every minute of Summer I possibly can.
So…until it's Monday morning…and the kids are off to school…there will be no freaking out over deadlines and work stuff.

It's still Summertime in my book.

I'm having some girls over tonight for a Jamberry Nails Party!
Have you heard of these adorable shrink-wrap, nail designs?
Not only are they cute but they are organic, gluten-free, non-toxic and safe for kids! Yes!!

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