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Monday, July 7

You know I love small businesses!
I especially love small LOCAL businesses!
In support of small, local businesses I recently purchased this…

"I'm Famous - On My Blog" Coffee Mug

And because I'm not a coffee drinker, I knew it'd be perfect to keep on my desk…
filled with a gorgeous bouquet of pink and orange spray roses!

This mug makes me happy.
It's cute and it makes me giggle when I read it. 

You can find the mug RIGHT HERE. 
It's designed by a sweet, local Florida blogger named Melissa from Melissa Creates.
You'll find lots of other fun things in her shoppe so go take a peek!

The graduation party preparations were in full swing last week - hence the lack of blog activity.
The party was on Saturday and it was a huge success! Can't wait to share all of the pretty + fun details with you.


Melissa Chambers said...

Thank you so so much for the beautiful feature! You are the sweetest and you photographed the mug perfectly! xo

Jacqui said...

I have to admit it made me giggle as well. I love that you turned it to a vase for your flowers.

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

I'm happy to hear that it made you giggle too Jacqui - I love it.

Adria Tauber said...

haha great mug! My mom has a blog about garden and flowers. I'm gonna buy her this mug xD xD
I also found some cool mugs here:
but I need one for my niece!! Does anyone has a suggestion? She is 15 years old. Mug would be cool but not necessary!

xoxo :)

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