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SHARE | My cute + simple Summer Bucket List + Free Printable

Saturday, July 19

The other day…I found myself realizing Summer is 1/2 over…
and I still haven't made one of those cute "Summer Bucket" lists. 
Anyone else in the same boat?

Maybe it's because I've been too afraid to "commit" to anything for fear of not accomplishing everything? Or maybe it's just because I haven't had any real time to sit down and do it?

Yes…that's it.  I've been consumed with the graduation party…
but now that that's over it's time to focus on really making the rest of the Summer as memorable as possible.

I came across a super cute, super simple "Make See Do" list on Dear Lizzy's blog but when I attempted to download it - I couldn't find the link. Ugh!

I decided to create one on my own using the hand-lettered word "Summer" from the Summer lettering I did.
I revised it a bit…leaving off the original "BE"...
threw in my favorite color scheme as of late…(orange sherbet and pinks)
and now…with my very own super cute Summer Bucket List...
I feel ready to make the rest of my Summer memorable.

This "Go. See. Eat. Make. Do." Summer Bucket list is a really simple approach to picking a few things to do this Summer - without feeling overwhelmed. Yes! That's exactly what I need!

I can jot down one thing for each category.
Or I can jot down two things for each category.
Or…if I'm feeling up to it…
I COULD just print a new list out every week - with new adventures on it to conquer.
I'm just going to take it one day at a time and see how things go.

So here's what I've come up with…
GO. dance in the rain
SEE. the science center
EAT. Reese's smores
MAKE. popsicles
DO. a picnic dinner under the stars

Sounds like a perfect Summer to me.

And come to think of it…
there have been some pretty fun Summer days for me and my family after all...
1. Best Beach Day Ever
2. Worst Zoo Day Ever
3. Splash Park Fun
4. Crafting with my Ella Pie
5. Made and ate cotton candy
6. Had Slurpees with my aunt and Ella - (Ella's first ever - no photo - poo!)
7. A little bit of playground time
8. Summer library programs (including a memorable reptile show)
9. Snowcones
10. Meet and Make
11. Cruise to Mexico for Clara

Thank goodness I looked at my Instagram feed to remind me of all of the good that has happened.
Sometimes I fall victim to thinking some grand vacation is what really makes a fantastic Summer…
and really…it's just about being with the ones you love!

Want the printable too?
Download it right HERE!

I don't see this color scheme you keep seeing me use going away any time soon. Ha!!


Anonymous said...

I loved your simple and stylish summer to see, to do etc list. Will you do them for all seasons? What a great way to gather a few things you'd like to do every season or by person. I had each of my kids fill them out/choose items they'd like to do over the last few weeks of summer. Thanks so much for designing them.

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Hi Anonymous…I LOVE your idea to create one of these for every season. I'd love to do that!! I'll see if I have some time to squeeze that in...

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