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GIVE | Mini Hot Cocoa Cup Gift Idea

Friday, December 13

Hi everyone! Have you seen anything more adorable than these miniature beverage cups? I'm in LOVE! I love all things "kraft paper" so these immediately caught my eye in the TKS Shop.

I was on The TomKat Studio yesterday sharing how to turn these into a super simple (and ridiculously cute) idea for holiday gifting!

These are something that would be darling for party favors, classroom parties, Secret Santa gifts and maybe even for "Elfing".

Join me over there for all of the details and then come back here to print off your very own...

FREE Mini Cup Wrappers and Instructions Tags

Hope you love the idea and will use it in your gift-giving this Holiday Season!

And hello weekend…looking forward to wrapping my arms around you!!

I seriously about fell over when I opened the box and saw how tiny and adorable these mini kraft ripple cups are! The mini beverage lid is crazy cute! LOVE them!


Charm and Bloom said...

Love them! How would I get the wrappers to work for the 8 oz cups?

Charm and Bloom said...

Love them! How would I get the wrappers to fit the 8oz cup?

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thanks Charm and Bloom! I'm thrilled you love them. I haven't created a template for an 8oz. cup but that's a great idea. If you are computer savvy at all you could make one yourself using the wrapper on the cup as a template. I hope that helps a little bit! Happy Holidays to you and your family!!

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