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HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA | Michael's Recollections Calendar Kit

Monday, December 9

You guys….I'm sharing something so cute and so "doable" today…
I just know you are going to want one of these for yourself! (or for someone on your Holiday shopping list).

Michael's sent me this adorable Recollections Calendar Kit to start my 2014 off on the right foot…
and by that I mean I've got a cute calendar for the new year and I've got a super easy way to document the favorite monthly moments and memories my family and I make along the way.

This Recollections 2014 Calendar Kit does double duty by providing a 12 month blank wall calendar to keep up with what's coming ahead…as well as allowing me to tuck in some memories using the photo pocket style scrapbook pages for my family and I to look back on; And the sweet pink box it all came in is for storing the calendar at the end of the year. (Or heck! You might as well display the album on your coffee table or bookshelf with your other family scrapbooks and then use the pink box for something else)!? I LOVE that!

I've been wanting to get back into scrapbooking for some time, ( see this, this and this and maybe this too). You see, I originally started this blog to be able to combine my love of scrapbooking, photography and journaling because it was becoming increasingly difficult to find the time to sit down and scrapbook. Blogging merged the three worlds together. 

Unless you have your blog printed, (which I have YET to do), I've missed being able to physically hold something in my hands and look back on all of the memories and fun we've experienced. Ema LOVES the scrapbooks I created in the past. She loves looking through them and over the past couple of years she's been asking me when I would pick it up again. Her inquiries have really lit a fire in my heart to get back to it. I just haven't been sure where to start and this is just the thing I needed. It literally took me less than 30 minutes to put the ENTIRE album together using the cute stickers to mark birthdays and holidays and I was able to make it incredibly adorable by selecting from the super cute pre-designed 3x4 and 4x6 designer insert cards. Soooo simple! 

Anyone that knows me and is familiar with the type of scrapbooking I used to do would agree that this simple approach is WAY out of my element and not anything like what I'm used to doing. Which is why this Recollections Calendar Kit it SO perfect for me right now. The kit comes with an album, blank calendar pages, stickers, along with 3x4 and 4x6 designer insert cards. Since the kit comes with everything I need to put the album together, I have the opportunity to rekindle my love for scrapbooking without becoming overwhelmed by the selection of other scrapbooking embellishments and extras available. (Not right now anyway - I look forward to that down the road).

The cute kraft binder with the pretty aqua blue binding that holds the calendar has been punched with a hole for easy hanging. Another thing I love is that all of the designer cards that come with the kit are double-sided so you can mix and match your favorite monthly themed designs. That means that even if my neighbor or bestie get the kit - the versatility of the available pre-designed elements still allow you to make it your own. (And of course any photos and journaling you add will make it even more personalized).

The kit even comes with a pen and a spot to keep it when you aren't using it!
The only real decisions I have to make using this calendar kit is which side of the cards to use... 

And whether or not I want to include a photo, journaling or both. Ha! 
That's easy enough for me!

I hope you've been inspired to pick up your own 2014 Recollections Calendar Kit.
It can be found exclusively at Michael's Stores and it'll be the best $39.99 you've ever spent because this isn't just a gift for the person who purchases it or the person that receives it under the Christmas tree; It's truly a gift that keeps on giving every time we look back on the memories we've made. 
Your kids will love it and your family will appreciate it - if not now I promise you they will later!! *wink*

Here are some other ideas I thought of that you can use the calendar for:
- Grandparent's Gift - 
   1. Spend the year putting together a collection of memories you can then mail off to grandparents to enjoy. 
   2. Send the Calendar Kit to the grandparents and have them put it together.  Then send them monthly pics to add. You can get the kids involved in this one too!
- Document a specific goal - something you are looking to achieve over the course of 2014

I'm serious when I say I assembled this calendar kit in 30 minutes. It was really fun to put together and I love how CUTE it turned out! I can't wait to add snippets of 2014 to it!



Jossie Posie said...

WOW! This is soooooooooo cute!!!!!! I have a kate Spade leather organizer for my personal stuff and a Kate Spade planner for my blog BIT this lil Calendar Kit is just tooooooo cute not to purchase! Thanks for sharing!
JossiePosie4 on IG

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

You're welcome Jossie! I'm glad you like it - it really is sooo super simple to put together and I love that it will be right in front of me - at my desk - everyday to remind me of important dates. (as well as remind me to be sure to slip in some photos from the month's activities/moments.

Stephanie said...

Love the idea of sending pics throughout the year--then they're current!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

That's what I was thinking too Stephanie! I'm glad you liked the idea! Thanks for being here and taking time to comment.

Mariah said...

Great idea to send one to grandparents and then just send them new photos of the kids throughout the year!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

I thought so too Mariah. *wink* It may be just the motivation needed to print off photos on my computer instead of just letting them sit there.

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