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CRAFT | Mini Tassels

Tuesday, November 27

Like I said yesterday...
I've been a busy little bee creating homemade decorative accents.
I'm not sure where my obsession for incorporating tassels into my holiday decor this year stems from?
And instead of trying to analyze the reason...
like I would typically do...
and present you with some profound answer...
like I would hope I could do...
I'm skipping all of that and just getting right to the basics of it all...
How to make them!
They are a cinch to create...
They're so completely versatile...
And for me...
they are as darling as it gets!

Mini Tassels

STEP ONE - Build your tassel Skirt
Wrap a sturdy object with your choice of yarn, string, ribbon or a combination of all three.
A piece of cardboard works perfectly fine. I just happened to be working on a different project
with the wooden tags and decided to use those.

I wrapped my string around the tag 40 times.
The average wrap-around for making tassels is between 20-40
This is completely dependent on material used and your preference for "poofy-ness". 
Don't fret over uneven strings - those will be trimmed at the end of this process.

TIP: Don't wrap too tightly! 
You'll need to be able to slide the bundle of string off of your sturdy object'll also need to slip a separate piece of string underneath your bundle. See STEP TWO.

STEP TWO - Create a string for hanging your tassel.
Cut a piece of string - you'd rather it be too long that too short since you can always trim it down. 
Fold string in half.
Slide folded string underneath the layers of wrapped string - as shown in Step 2.
If you wrapped your string too tightly you'll now be frustrated. *wink*

STEP THREE - Create a loop for hanging
Thread the cut ends of the string through the loop on the other end.

STEP FOUR - Remove and tug
With string for hanging created, remove your entire bundle of string from sturdy object.
Pull hanging cord tightly to ensure a tight knot around bundle.

STEP FIVE - Create the neck
Cut a piece of string long enough to tie a knot around the entire bundle (tassel skirt).
This string should be long enough so that after a knot is made the excess strings will allow for trimming to blend with the rest of the skirt.
Tie a tight knot just below the top portion of the soon-to-be tassel.

STEP SIX - Remove loops and trim
Slide scissors through the loops at the lower portion of the tassel skirt and cut.
Continue to cut until all loops have been trimmed and you are left with strings only.
Trim the skirt for a finished edge. (as shown in Photo 1)

OPTIONAL - Reinforced neck
I like to wrap the neck portion of the tassel several more times for a more finished look.
It's an extra step though, and not necessary.

Increase the size of your tassels by using a larger sturdy object for wrapping.
• Try a variety of strings, yarn or ribbon for different tassel looks.
Combining different string types into one tassel adds a little more depth and interest.
    - Wrap Yarn 10 times and trim.
    - Wrap Ribbon 10 times and trim.
    - Wrap string 10 times and trim.
    - Finish with Yarn - wrapping 10 times and trim.

• Create banners or garlands
• Hang on door knobs
• Add to lamps/light fixtures
• Accent gift packaging

What other creative ways would you incorporate tassels into your home decor?
I'd love to hear your ideas!

Hugs to you everybody!!

If things go well this week...
I'm attempting to post 12 Days of Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas to share with you...
starting on Saturday, December 1st and running through the 12th!
Fingers crossed I can pull this off!

Don't forget to get join me tonight for some Holiday Inspiration on Pinterest!
The party starts at 9:00 p.m.

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