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Monday, July 2

Fourth of July Survival Station...


I created this "Survival Station" for practical purposes.
It's a GREAT way to add some festive flair to your neighborhood block party...
but it's also a brilliant, clever way to provide the "essentials" for an evening of fun.
Setting up a centralized location for grabbing blankets, snacks, drinks or even bug repellent
keeps you and your guests outside - where all of the fun is happening.

Although I actually used a table for this particular display...
For those of you actually attending a local fireworks show...
The Survival Station can actually be something as simple as a basket, bag or crate...
filled with a few essential ingredients:

(in addition, if you are hosting an adults-only party, providing matches or lighters is a MUST!)

Stick with simple snacks that can be grabbed quickly and aren't too messy.
You want something that can be munched on while watching the fireworks show.
(And if it's a hot night where you are celebrating, you don't want snacks that are prone to melting)



Keeping little ones occupied while awaiting the fireworks display can prove to be a challenge.
Why not take the opportunity to actually share with them, (or reiterate), the importance of the holiday.
Grab one of the blankets you've conveniently put out for guests to sit on...
and have a couple of age-appropriate patriotic books available for them to sit down and read.
 Or simply find a story online you can share.
(Use that smartphone or iPad of yours - or just print it out beforehand).


Believe it or not...most adults, (let alone children), don't know proper "Flag Etiquette"
Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to host a patriotic themed party some years back.
I researched "Flag Etiquette" and discovered a lot of things I never knew.
I decided to share the information I had learned by creating some simple "Flag Etiquette" cards for guests to take home.



Some of the key decor items used throughout this "Survival Station" include:
Decorative Paper Snack Cups
Striped Straws
DIY Denim Pocket Banner (click for the tutorial)
Small and Large American Flags
White Crates
Aluminum Buckets


I hope you took notice of the fabulous 3x5 vinyl banner hanging behind the table.
It made for a GREAT focal point, don't you think?
 I designed it so it could be used for ANY patriotic celebration/holiday...
 as well as for any "Nautical Themed" event. (smart thinking, right)!!
Banners On the Cheap did an amazing job printing it for me - I love how it turned out!


In fact...
I love the "Celebrate Banner" SO very much...
I want one of you to have one too!
Banners On the Cheap has generously offered to give away one of it's 3x5 Vinyl banners...
to ONE LUCKY winner!

The winner will have the option of choosing the custom designed "Celebrate" banner - exactly like the one shown here...
OR...the winner may select something different from the Banners On the Cheap online shop.

If you live in the contiguous 48...
Here's what to do to enter the giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Striped Snack Cups - TomKat Studio
Striped Paper Straws - TomKat Studio
3x5 Vinyl Banner - Banners On the Cheap (custom designed by Pen N' Paperflowers)
White Crates - JoAnn's
American Flags - Family Dollar
Aluminum Buckets - A collection from over the years from Michael's, JoAnn's, and Homegoods.
Beverages - Coke & Cheerwine

I did a mock set-up prior to the actual photo shoot...
When J pulled in the driveway...
he came in the house with great concern...and said,
"The neighbors are going to think you are selling fireworks!"  Ha!!

A couple of days later, while I was in the middle of the actual photo shoot...
I had three different neighbors stop by to buy some fireworks find out what I was doing.
They offered up many compliments and seemed really inspired.
I even had one of the neighbors come back over with striped Popcorn Boxes in-hand to incorporate into the shoot. (see the very first photo). *wink*
Those are the kind of things that make me happy!!


Melissa C said...

Great giveaway! The neighbors will think you're selling fireworks, haha! ;)

Craft That Party said...

This is such a great idea-- I love how simple you kept your table but yet it's so darn cute!

Love the sign and could totally see pulling it out and reusing it every 4th!

Celebrating Moments by Marcie said...

LOVE the banner!!!!!!!

Steph said...

Love the sparklers, snacks and blanket idea! I would also use the banner for birthday parties!

Anonymous said...

i love the jean pocket "banner"
I would use it for family get togthers

Anonymous said...

I already made the pocket banner! Love the bug spray and blankets.

tinab158 said...

I adore the pocket banner! What a clever idea...I wish I would have seen this idea before I donated a couple dozen jeans last month. :(

I could see reusing that banner over and over has many uses for many occasions.

tinab158 at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

Anonymous...Oh I would LOVE to see your version of the banner! I'm thrilled you made it. Thanks for letting me know.

Unknown said...

I'm thrilled you all love the banner. I really did design it for multiple uses: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veteran's Day and all of those popular "Nautical Themed" parties we'll continue to see throughout the year...

Tanya P. said...

We have 2 family reunions the first and second Sunday of July every year. I would use the banner for those! :)

karla said...

I love all the work you did for this patriotic party. I especially like the Flag etiquette cards. I help with cub scouts and was wondering if you have a printable for this.

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thank you Karla!! I used to have a printable for the cards - I've searched for it and can't find it so I guess that means I need to design a new one!! *wink*

Anonymous said...

Love the Flag card with the sailor. Any chance it can be downloaded? I'm already thinking about Patriotic Holidays.

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