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iNSPiRE | Real Party: Baby Shower hosted by Leslie Marshall

Wednesday, June 13

iNSPiRiNG others is one of the most beautiful gifts we can give each other.
It's something I'm passionate about...
and one of the very reasons I have this blog.

iNSPiRATiON comes in many different forms...
and today...
I'm honored to share with you...
one of it's most powerful manifestations.

the beautiful imagery included in this post is iNSPiRATiON in and of itself.

This is also a story...
Misty Rae Porter's story.

You'll be touched by her incredible journey into motherhood...
A journey marked with...
• joy
• courage
• strength
• friendship
• hope
• love
• laughter

as well as tears from the raw emotion that comes when two life changing events come crashing together...
Two diametrically opposed words now conflictingly connected...
"Congratulations!" + "Cancer"

Misty celebrated her 30th birthday in February and was 20 weeks pregnant at the time.
 She was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer on March 15th...
and began the 8 rounds of chemotherapy she'd be receiving over a 16 week period on March 28th.

Not only would she be experiencing the naturally occuring changes to her body as it prepares for the birth of her son, Lansing...

She would now be forced to undergo the added side effects chemotherapy brings with fighting this ugly disease.
Her best friend, Leslie, from Jar of Vintage Buttons reached out to me to share Misty's story...


As told by Leslie...
"My best, best, best friend in the whole world is having a baby!  I met this wonderful, lovely woman 17 years ago during our first day of school at our brand new middle school.  It wasn't before the end of the day that we had become basically attached at the hip.  We went to college together, were roommates, maids of honor in each others' weddings, and she was there the day my Kate was born.  There really isn't a lot of things in my life that haven't included her!

Only a few months ago, Misty turned 30, found out she was having a boy, but also found out she has breast cancer.  It was a day I will never, ever forget as I sat in total shock on the phone with her while she very calmly told me what her doctors had just told her.  The past few months have been a whirlwind for her as she has already begun chemotherapy treatments.  She will continue chemo after the baby is born for several weeks and then undergo a double mastectomy.  Her strength and courage during this process has been a testimony to the person that she is.   Strong doesn't even begin to to describe her.  I admire her more than ever and I am so thankful for her friendship.

On Saturday, I had the honor of hosting her baby shower.  She was surrounded by her closest girlfriends.  We ate and laughed and even cried a little.  It was such a special evening for everyone, but especially for my friend.  Seeing the transformation of her not only physically as she undergoes treatments while watching her growing belly, but the transformation of her preparing for motherhood is just beautiful.  I can't wait to see her finally holding her baby boy in her arms.  He is truly a miracle and a blessing."












Aside from the obvious...(Misty)
Here are a few of the things I've been iNSPiRED by from this super sweet baby shower...

• Mac N' Cheese Bar (with lots of yummy toppings)
• Paper Maché "LANSING" letters used as decor. (incorporated into the nursery decor afterwards) - DIY to come
• Homemade Lemon Sugar Scrub (recipe linked below)
• Cupcake Liner accents on the brown paper bag party favors
• The party items that were so generously donated by super sweet Vendors. (see Vendor Credits below)
• The photos of Misty surrounded by an entourage of friends, family and people who absolutely love and support her.

I know you've been iNSPiRED could you not be?

In an attempt to share her story, document the details and ultimately connect with others...
Misty has been blogging all about her journey.
I encourage all of you to reach out to Misty...
Visit her blog...where she provides insight and updates during this emotional journey.
You may know someone who needs some of the light Misty is sharing with the world - share it.

Thank you Leslie...
for being iNSPiRED to share Misty's story with me.

Thank you Misty...
for allowing your story to be told.
My heart has been touched - as I'm sure so many others have been.
You are a true example of strength.
I hope you recognize how incredible you are...
We can't wait for you to introduce us to Lansing!

Party Printables - Mirabelle Creations (designed especially for Misty)
Bunting Banner - Hazelnut Designs (donated)
Cupcakes - April's Piece of Cake
Party Styling - Jar of Vintage Buttons
Mac N' Cheese Bar Topping Containers - Walmart Patio & Garden Center
Paper Pinwheels - Most created by a friend - some picked up at Hobby Lobby.
Lemon Scrub Favors - Jar of Vintage Buttons (recipe here)
Jars for Lemon Scrub - Ball Jelly Canning Jars from Walmart - lids spray painted.
Baby Shower Wreath - Jar of Vintage Buttons


leslie said...

Crying. Actually sobbing a bit. Thank you Jessica for allowing us to share Misty's story. Your post was so beautiful!

Cristin said...

what a special and amazingly gorgeous baby shower! thank you for allowing me to provide a little piece of it... Lansing is going to be one LOVEDl little guy! I can't wait to see him at the next Birds of a Feather Fair (whenever that may be :-)

Hazelnut Designs

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Such a wonderfully moving story of Misty and her expected little one! Kudos to all the caring and generous ladies who've reached out to support them. This darling baby shower is just one of the wonderful ways!

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