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Monday, June 18

I hope you all enjoyed celebrating Father's Day yesterday.

Our day was filled with making breakfast in bed...
baking chocolate chip cookies...
a spa pedicure for J...
and cooking up his Father's Day dinner pick: Jambalaya.

In addition to all of that...
Ella and I created a...

HANDmade Keepsake Father's Day Card

I LOVE making handmade cards when I have time...
and this one is actually one of my favorites since it incorporates a sentimental element to it...
Ella's handprint.

I had actually made the same type of card a few years ago...
making it SO sweet to compare the two cards and visually see how much Ella has grown.

Just LOOK at that precious 7 month old handprint...*sigh*

Creating cards like these aren't just for Father's Day...
These make wonderful keepsakes for grandparents too!

• Decorative Cardstock/Scrapbooking Paper (three coordinating designs)
    - 1 for the actual card
    - 1 for the center of the front of the card
    - 1 smaller piece for the handprint on the front of the card
• ink pad or acrylic paint
• pen (for writing is details and the message on the inside)
• Paper Trimmer or Scissors 
• Adhesive (tape or glue)

• Do some practice handprints on some scrap paper before doing your final print onto your cardstock.
• Create the card size based on your child's hand size.
• Stamp the handprint onto cardstock and THEN trim to size. (attempting to stamp a toddler or infant's handprint perfectly centered on an already-finished card will prove to be frustrating and you may end up ruining your card altogether).
• Don't worry about trying to make the card fit into an envelope. Make it whatever size you want.

I'd love to be able to say that I've been doing this every year for Father's Day...
Unfortunately... I only WiSH I had been that smart. *wink*

I used Crate Paper from my stash of scrapbooking paper. (shhhh...these designs must be at least 7+ years old!) *grin*
Go check out their NEW lines of GORGEOUS papers HERE.
It's one of my absolute favorite papers to create things with.
It's beautiful...
high quality...
with fabulous designs!!

To be honest...
This project is probably more for ME than it is for J.
I think he thinks it's cute...
but I don't think he cherishes it as much as I do. (a guy thing, I think?) *wink*

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