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behind the scenes | The show must go on...

Friday, December 9

Because I've officially been bitten by the cold I've been desperately trying to avoid...*grumbling*
Because I've got a low level of energy...
And because I've got to use every little bit of time and lack of energy I have left...
to finalize everything for Ella's birthday party tomorrow...

I'm not sharing the wreath or flower tutorial yet. *wincing*
(Truth be told...I've got all of the photos ready for you...
I'm just too exhausted to finish the post *sigh*)

But the show must go on...
I've got to make things happen around here.
It's time to give everything I've got to do this thing!! (Ella's party)

I'm going to turn things around today.
How about a little fun?
How about I send you off into the weekend with a little game.
A game in which you could WiN something!!!
Woo Hoo!!

The very first person to guess what this photo is all about...
will WiN what this photo is all about!!

How's that for a game?
You've got no idea what I'm working on...
But you're going to win it!? *wink*

Who doesn't LOVE surprises?

Just leave your guess as a comment here on the blog.

I promise to let you know as soon as we have a winner!!

ONE rule:
You can't "kind-of-sort-of" make a guess.
The guess has to be "right-on-the-nose".
The guess has to be "exact". *wink*

Make it a WONDERFUL weekend everyone!!!

KEEPiNG iT REAL here's where I'm allowed to whine a little...
• I feel like doo-doo train (anyone else use that term?)
• I've got 1,000+ things to do and I'm about to FREAK!
• I've already missed a deadline for HWTM that was due yesterday! (sorry Jenn)
• my head is spinning right now
• All I want to do is curl up in a ball and fall asleep
• I could totally cancel Ella's party tomorrow and not care right now.

I'll SO care later...
and so the show must go on!!
Let's ROCK THiS OUT Jessica!
You. Can. Do. This!!!
And I will...


Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

Are those are the tops of the pastry pedestals? With your paper wrapped around them?

Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

I didn't keep reading the post... so want to win! LOL I think those are pastry pedestals with your paper designs wrapped around them for Ella's party.

Nicole Underwood Gonzalez said...

My guess is...a garland!

Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

OK, maybe not. Is "right on the nose" a hint? I'm cluttering up your comments area... lol 2nd try - Ribbon spools.

Then again, it looks like cork... AHH

Unknown said...

Michele...awesome guesses!! They do sort of look like The Pastry Pedestal™ rounds, don't they? But they are not.

Not Ribbon Spools either.

HelloSweetcheeks - not a garland...but that would be super cute!!

I LOVE that you guys are throwing out guesses with such little information from me. You. are. the best!!!

Nicole Underwood Gonzalez said...

2nd guess: magnets

3girlygirls said...

my guesss is it's a memory game to play at ella's party :)

Ashley Figueroa said...

Game pieces for pin-the-nose-on-something?

Unknown said...


3girlygirls...YOU. ARE. CORRECT!! These are memory game pieces. They will be part of the party favors!!! You're going to fall head-over-heels with them when you see them in-person. Congratulations!! And if your username indicates you have three girls at home...these are even MORE perfect!!! (email me your mailing address:

I love them SO much I made an extra set for one of you - hence the giveaway today. I wish I could send everyone a set. I will be doing custom design printables for party sets in my shoppe - or for whatever occasion you need them for. They are SUPER simple to make.

Thanks for playin' along everyone!!!

You guys made me forget about my cold-related watery-eyes and sniffles for a bit. Thank you!!!

Madera y Zinc said...

mmmmmm......a garland? a Wall Christmas tree? no, I guess it's for a door wreath, is'n it?

3girlygirls said...

I just wanted to make sure you got my address. I sent it to your email. Thanks so much

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