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holiday | Happy Halloween 2011

Monday, October 31


Love these little ghost cookies the kids made for our Annual Operation Phantom Pumpkin?
ghost cookies3765wm

My three girls and two of my cousins spent their day off of school last Monday...baking!
And helping to prepare the Phantom Pumpkin treats we'd be delivering to neighbors and family...
Group Shot Baking3733wm

Group Shot Baking3729wm


Kalie, my 15 year old cousin, frosted most all of the cookies.
 Then between her, Ema and Beau, (my 12 year old cousin),
they added the little black eyes to create little ghosts.
ghost cookies3756wm

We waited until it was dark and then it was time...
The usual dark shirts, black under our eyes, treats and signs printed & ready to go.

We decided to wrap all of our treats (cookies & candy) in tissue paper rolls this year. *wink*
The girls did a GREAT job wrapping them and tying them off with curly ribbon.

It's an annual tradition we all look forward to every year...
I just can't believe it's been over 15 years I've been doing this!
I don't even feel 15.
(most days anyway) *wink*
It's nuts!!

Thanks Kalie & Beau for the extra help this year!!

Be safe everyone and have fun!!

Aside from preparing the paper printables and making the frosting...
the kids really did everything else. 
I forgot.
I did have to clean up the mess...
I'll have to work with them more on that next year! *wink*

1 comment:

Moore Minutes said...

Everything you do is JUST ADORABLE! I'm not a Halloween fan but you've managed to make it so CUTE! This is such a fun idea too. Love it. <3

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