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Tuesday, October 25

I received a VERY special package in the mail yesterday...
A package for my soon-to-be three year old, Ella....
Sent from Made by Morgan...




Inspired by the Vintage Style Haunted Halloween Party styled by Anders Ruff Custom Designs
and featured on HWTM...
I knew immediately Ella would be a little Vintage Witch for Halloween this year.
I LOVE it!!!

A VERY special thank you to Morgan...
You made my day yesterday!!

I was so excited and surprised to see the witch hat included in the package as well!
When Morgan and I first discussed the order, the hat wasn't something that would be included.
I intended to try to find one on my own.  
I settled on one I found at WalMart over the weekend.
I was beyond thrilled to have received a perfectly plain black little witch hat in the package yesterday!
There's also a little cape that I ordered with the outfit as well...
But we'll have to wait until Halloween night to share the full costume! *wink*

Ella is SO excited!
She helped me open the box yesterday and 
she's already put on her dress and hat.

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