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{inspiration} sweetapolita

Tuesday, January 25

I absolutely adore the beautiful, sugary-sweet creations by Rosie from Sweetapolita.

Take for instance this gorgeous neopolitan cake she created...

I believe this matches perfectly with my
don't you agree??

I think it'd make for a FABULOUS Valentine's Day dessert!!!
In fact...eversince seeing this cake...
my mind has been spinning with some fabulous creative ideas!!
(She's even included the recipe and how-to if you're feeling inspired to attempt to recreate this).

But Rosie's creativity goes far beyond this neopolitan cake...
Check out her Flickr stream to see even more beautiful images...
Trust'll be completely inspired.

And for even more inspiration...

Hope this added some sunshine to your day.
I know I needed it this morning following the rain and storms lastnight here in Florida.

I REALLY want to make this cake.
But then do I REALLY need this sugary temptation sitting around the house begging for me to consume it?
(Because I will).
And I'll more than likely eat it all myself.
My family is so used to me saying, "You can't have any until after the photo shoot"...
And I can pretty much keep them at bay with that excuse until the entire cake has been consumed. *wink*


Heather said... That cake looks/sounds amazing delicious! I so think I am going to make it!

LMB said...

Oh wow, that cake is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the link.

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