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Tuesday, January 11

I mentioned last week I would be sharing with you a "promises" list I'm making.
I've encouraged you to come up with your own list as well.

(this photo will make more sense later on in the post)...

Here's the scoop on this list...
and the reasons behind why I'm creating it.

First of all.
Last year I created a "Before Birthday Goals" list.
It was a list of things I wanted to accomplish before my next birthday.
Fun things.
Things I thought about doing but never made a priority.
I was SO inspired all year checking off those items. (despite not having every single thing crossed off when my birthday rolled around).

This year...
instead of centering the goals around my birthday...(November)
I've decided to center it around the month of February.
The month dedicated to expressing LOVE to others.
How about expressing LOVE to myself February 2010 by starting on this list of promises...
and then expressing LOVE again to myself come February 2012 by celebrating my accomplishments?

I'm taking the entire month of January to create my list of "promises".
It's not a list where you'll find anything about losing weight or exercising more. (that's a different list). *wink*
This is another list of FUN things I want to achieve.
Most will be related to "creative" things that inspire me...
because for me...
that's what makes me happy.
There will be "promises" that involve fun activities to strengthen my relationship with my daughters.
"Promises" that will bring "added value" to my home...
to my life...
to my family...
and ultimately...
to ME.

Each of these promises will have one resounding common thread...


Want a sneak peek at just one of the promises I have actually already started?

PROMISE: select one recipe a week to try from Cannelle et Vanille
(my favorite inspirational food blog I gush over continually)



I've been so inspired already just from this one little promise.
My goal is to have the list written out by the end of January.
The idea is to start the process of "enriching" my life by February 1st.
I will have one year to complete the ENTIRE list.

Since this list is about "promises"...
and the focus is ultimately about the enrichment of ME...
I've decided to refer to these goals as
"Promise ME"...
and I just might be creating a cute printable we can all use to keep our lists handy.

I really hope each of you will be inspired to create your own list.
You've NO idea the power behind it.
It may seem like such a simple little thing.
But trust me when I say...
I have never accomplished more "fulfilling" things in one year than in 2010.
And it was a direct reflection of my original "list".

I'll be checking in on Tuesday, February 1st to "showcase" my complete list.
Have yours ready too!!!
(I've already got lots of ideas for little "prizes" I can send to my "Promise ME" peeps).
Let's do this!!

Besides the reason I stated above about switching from November to February to start/finish my list of promises...
I also chose the month of February because I realized after this past year...
there are just TOO many things going on around the holidays and leading up to my birthday.
I felt like I would be much more successful by having a goal date in February instead. *wink*

The recipes from Cannelle et Vanille are proving to be somewhat of a challenge as far as finding the "exotic" ingredients.
I have a funny story to share with you in my search for kuri squash. (this will come later)


Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. said...

Love the idea of your Promise Me list! I'm a list maker as well and normally set "goals" for myself each year too. It is so much fun to see what you have accomplished at the end of each year and even more than you could have ever imagined! Looking forward to seeing your list Feb 1st!

Sage & Muse said...

Hi Jess- So, I read your list last year, made my own (maybe wasn't as successful as you were, but still gave a try), spent this last year with a lot of bad, sad and tragic events happening all around me and feel ever so inspired to write a promise ME list for '11 (I promise to mend my broken spirit, repair my crushed heart and stir my mired soul.)

Also, I want you to know that I just adore your site, your creativity (in fact you are my inspiration for styling my first party next weekend...Zoinks!) and your very down-to-earth and super approachable way. It's funny how I can like someone I've never met so much.

I promise YOU, that I will be a loyal follower, supporter and advocate. I have found so much inspiration on your site, I have found other amazing sites because of you, like Brave Girls (OMG), so thank you for a wonderful last year and the PROMISE of a great this year. You're a cool chick!

Renee said...

Wow, I love this, Jess! I am sorry I missed this post when you first posted it. It's GREAT! I am jumping on board!



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