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Friday, January 28

Do you ever just feel frozen?
An entire list of things to do...
clueless as to where to start?

Today's that day for me.
I seriously have TONS of things to do.
My mind is all over the place with so many creative projects, design work, ideas, tasks, to-do's, phone calls, emails, etc.
And just about everything on my list excites me - which makes it that much more difficult to focus.

So here I sit.
But it's really not acceptable to be "frozen" around here.
I've got much too much to do.

Remembering my 2011 mantra: "Make it HAPPEN"...

I decided I needed some "thawing out"...
Which led me to my "focus" word for 2011:


Aren't these colors absolutely reFRESHiNG!!!
Creating something as simple as this has made such a difference in my day.
I hope it puts a smile on your face and gets you geared up for some serious productivity today and throughout your weekend!

Remember to be working on/finishing up your "promise ME" list. (get your FREE download here)
We'll be kicking off our adventure together on Tuesday!!!

Other exciting news...
The winner of the Origami Delights giveaway has been been officially announced.
Go HERE to see if it was you!!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone...
and remember to keep it FRESH!!!

Yesterday I was a bit frozen too - with the amount of design work I'm working on. (15 different custom designs right now). WHAT!?
So I decided to "thaw out" yesterday by painting with Ella.
We spread an old sheet on the floor and started painting some of the things I'll be sharing with you next week.
You're going to LOVE this clever idea I have to jump start your Valentine's Day decor!
Super easy and will translate into a year-round home decor item too! SMART!!!


Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

I hear ya! This whole week has been tough for me. Being drained doesn't help either, does it? I'm loving your "fresh" colors. Thanks for sharing! See you soon!

Fancy Frills Style Studio said...

Can't wait to see what you are working on!

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