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{life} redemption cupcakes...

Monday, October 4

All he wanted was yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
And frankly, he MORE than deserved it.


On Friday afternoon, I found myself sitting at a table, across from my mom & stepdad having lunch.
We stopped at a local restaurant after they had kindly agreed to drive to Orlando to pick up an oversized item that wouldn't fit in my own vehicle. (they are ALWAYS helping me out with little/big things like this).

So, as we are sitting there, my stepdad says:
"Hey...did your Mom tell you what we did for my birthday?"
Did he just say birthday?!
My mind immediately starts searching the current date...
while the words "my birthday" play over and over again in my head.
As I realize it's the first day of October and my stepdad's birthday is September 30th....
My heart sinks.
I had completely forgotten his birthday.
There was no opportunity for a "last minute" phone call...
His birthday was officially over.
I couldn't believe it.
I offered numerous heartfelt apologies hoping to ease my pain.
But I simply had to redeem myself.
I asked him my usual pre-birthday question...
(in this case it would be "post-birthday"...*grumbling & blushing*)
His response?
"Good old-fashioned yellow cake with chocolate frosting."
All homemade...of course.
Game on.

I opted to do a tier of yellow cake cupcakes
(incorporating cupcake liners in the color palette of his FAVORITE football team - Ohio State)
I ended up adding a cream cheese & chocolate chip filling to some of them...

I decided to create some coordinating "Party Tabs" for a custom cake plate banner.
As you can see, the frosting didn't pipe very well, but it was AMAZING, nonetheless.

I used the "Party Tabs" for cupcake picks as well...

Here's the full view of the finished tier. (poor quality photos - sorry)

Our family delivered it to him Sunday night.
He seemed thrilled with the results and that's what's most important.
Since he's always doing things for our family...
he more than deserved a good old-fashioned yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
Even if it was in the form of cupcakes...
And even if it was three days late. *wink*

Speaking of being late...
don't YOU be late in entering the giveaway to win a dozen Candy Corn Lollipops from Vintage Confections.
Contest ends Thursday! (October 7th)

Today is my grandpa's birthday. I miss him to pieces!
My post today couldn't have been more perfect - reminding me of the birthday baking I used to do for him too!

On a different note...
It absolutely pains me to post photos that are not good quality.
I despise taking photos at night -
You'll notice I always try to plan my events around good lighting:
either outside or somewhere with plenty of windows to allow for good lighting!! *wink*
It really makes SUCH a difference.


Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. said...

That was so sweet of you to make all those cupcakes (even if late) for your stepdad's birthday! Love the addition of the Ohio state banners around the cake plates, too cute! I'm sure he was so excited when you arrived with these!

Heather {WhipperBerry} said...

I TOTALLY hear ya on the lighting issue. One day I slaved all day for a cupcake post and sure enough the light was gone before I could take any pictures. Aghhhh, all that work for sub par pics.

Kisses from the WhipperChicks

Angela said...

What a thoughtful and delicious gift to your stepdad. I bet he LOVED them! Can you share how you put cream cheese in the cupcakes. I've never tried but its sound delish. Thx.

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