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{ella's 2nd birthday} tadpole & lily

Wednesday, October 13

I love cute packaging.
And even more than that, I love cute things inside of cute packaging.

I received BOTH from Tadpole & Lily yesterday...

the cute packaging...
how cute is that tag!!??

the cute headband inside...

the cute "Tadpole & Lily" embroidered onto the leaves of the headband makes for such a "cute" finishing touch...

every detail was CUTE...

and since I don't want to completely ruin the surprise of how cute Ella's going to look on her birthday,
here's a little peek of Ella with the headband on & her cute little toes in the background...

And since it is for Ella's 2nd birthday party...I let her open it...
which was totally fun & CUTE!! *wink*

Thank you Tadpole & Lily for creating such a cute...darling headband for Ella's upcoming 2nd birthday party!
She loves it.
And so do I!!

Hope your Wednesday is filled with "cute" things everyone!!

KEEPING IT CUTE...(err..I mean REAL)
I will be stealing this from Ella after her party. *wink*

1 comment:

coolkids said...

I love that headband! I will have to check tadpole & Lily out!

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