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{THIRSTY THURSDAY} milk bottles

Thursday, May 27

"THIRSTY THURSDAY" - defined as a day to share something...ANYTHING... that makes my mouth water, quenches my creative tastebuds or satisfies my thirst for inspiration.

if you follow my facebook fan page then you know i've been on the hunt for milk bottles.
(all in hopes to incorporate them into the upcoming lemonade & sunshine party...)

"well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!" (said with 100% southern charm)...
would you look at the lovelies i've stumbled upon from

how adorable!

and THIS size! yes! THIS size and shape is perfect!!!

my creative taste buds are salivating ALL. OVER. the place.
but wait.
(i'm reeling myself back in and wiping the drool from the corners of my mouth).
huge sigh!
i CANNOT pay $150 bucks for 24 of these little gems.
besides...i only REALLY need about 6...maybe...??
as cute as they are i just CANNOT!

but all is not lost.
thanks to some creative resources i stumbled upon this week...
i can TOTALLY make THESE work instead...

picture souce: celebrations at home

chris, from celebrations at home posted this information on how she transformed these 9.5oz. bottles into the perfect milk bottle.

let's see...
4 bottles for around $5?
plus a little elbow grease in removing the label and spray painting the cap?
pouring the product down the drain since i don't drink it?
hmmmmm???? (pretending to hesitate as if i'm unsure)...
definitely worth it!

so long my favorite little 1/2 pint bottle from posted above...
ours was a love affair short lived...*sniffle*
i'm telling you upfront...
i only want you for your bottle...*wink*

Keeping It Real
I bought a couple of different products yesterday - strictly for the potential of the packaging.
I'll share them with you tomorrow...
Oh the visions I have in my head for this lemonade & sunshine party! LOVE it!

343 update - it's DAY 3 and I'm right on track! 9 miles under my belt...54 miles to go! (*high fiveing* all of you)...

Ella's back to being 100%.
the fever from Sunday night was short-lived and we've been having a great week together!


postcards and pretties said...

lol "i only want you for your bottle...*wink*"
before i scrolled down i was thinking starbucks!! but you thought of that.

Renee said...

'Talk about inspiration, Jess. This is way cute! 'Can't wait to see the finished product!

'Glad that your daughter is better.

Take care,


Unknown said...

funny you say that - I did a party inspiration board for milk & cookies and all my research turned up the same! Use the starbucks ones, it's the cheapest!

Kim @
party inspiration

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. said...

Can't wait to see the end result of the Lemonade & Sunshine party! I'm sure it is going to be fabulous! Great find on the Starbucks glass bottles, I will have to keep that in mind!

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