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{THIRSTY THURSDAY} a beach cottage

Thursday, May 20

"THIRSTY THURSDAY" - defined as a day to share something...ANYTHING... that makes my mouth water, quenches my creative tastebuds or satisfies my thirst for inspiration.

an immediate sense of peace and calm came over me when i stumbled upon this image.
i'm in total LOVE with this.
the white curtains.
the white fluffy, comfy unmade bed.
the white iron scroll work on the bed.
the perfect lighting coming in through the window.
the simple display of flowers to the side.
and my absolute favorite?
the white suitcases.
i NEED some of those.
actually...i need my bedroom to look and feel just. like. this.

i KNEW last week this would be my "thirsty thursday" post.
one of my fave bloggers, sharnel of sharnel dollar designs, had posted this on her blog.
and it was love at first site.
as all good bloggers do...
she sited the source and i quickly went searching to see if there was more.
and guess what?
there was DEFINITELY MORE....
images like this...

gives a whole new meaning to "beach chair" doesn't it? *wink*
i LOVE everything about this picture.
the lighting.
the water.
the random placement of a vintage chair and wildflowers.
but i especially love that she didn't care what anyone else thought about her loading it into her car and carrying it on to the beach.
because that's something i would do. *grin*

i'm happy to share with you her flickr photostream...
here's a "how-to" video she created relating to painting things white...*wink*

i hope these beautiful images quench your thirst...
make your mouth water...
OR get your creative taste buds salivating.
my inspiration thermometer has sky-rocketed!
and thank you sharnel for leading me to her!



Renee said...

Hi, Jess,

Yes, this sure is thirst quenching. All-white-so sweet. Thanks for sharing. Oh, I loved the new items in your shop. 'Way to go!

'Sending lots of good thoughts your way, wink!

Hugs back to you,


Lindsay said...

LOVE that beach chair! AMazing! :)

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