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Friday, August 28

i think i used to feel guilty if i saw an idea someone else had and then tried to incorporate it into whatever it is i'm trying to do. everything i ever did had to be "completely" my own idea/ know...."original". i'm finally realizing that inspiration is just THAT. it inspires creativity and "originality". right? inspiration is meant to be shared. it's meant to "push" you. it's meant to help you to grow. it's meant to ignite the fires within...

and my "fires within" have been lit...
you see, i've been seeking inspiration for ella's upcoming 1st b/day party and i've been taking notes in my little handy dandy notepad. (it's chock-full of ideas). here is a small peek into the ideas i've come across...the inspiration behind the upcoming event:

i'm so super excited. it's going to be "sweet". (literally) *wink*
enjoy your fabulous friday & go seek out some inspiration for whatever you've got coming up...

image sources:
giant cupcake: the tomkat studio
cake topper: lollipop workshop
pompoms & fortune teller candy holders: martha stewart
mini cupcakes: bakerella
popcorn holder & cotton candy: amy atlas

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