Monday, June 27

FREE | Let Me Look Upward :: 8x10 Art Print

To me, nothing says Summer more than sleeping in, slowing down and sitting on a blanket beneath a canopy of old oak trees.

Just as the quote says, I actually have been "looking up into the branches of the towering oak trees" and being a bit more reflective as of late. Most of the time it's when I walk our dog in the morning when the world is just stretching its arms out and opening its eyes.

Needless to say, when I came across this quote the other day, it seemed so perfect for where I'm at right now in life.

I'm not in a rush. (as often)
I say no to things. (much more often than I used to)
I don't feel so guilty about saying no. (most of the time)
I take more time to look into my kids' eyes when they are sharing something with me, or I with them.
I do more listening. (when I'm not talking) *wink*
And mostly...I've cut many of the ropes of self-expectations that have bound me tightly for most of my life.

It feels oh so good and it's pretty amazing the difference these changes have made.

I love the line in the quote that says "send my roots deep into the soil of life's enduring values."
I've always said I want to "live a life that has an organic authenticity with an heirloom quality to it."
When I find myself getting lost...or feeling distant from the values that live deep in my heart, it seems the majestic oak trees always have a way of calling me back to the place I am meant to be.

So yes, I immediately felt a connection with this quote from an unknown author as soon as I read it. I loved it enough to take time to create a simple art print using it.

If you share my love for oak trees too or just love the message in this art print I designed, grab the FREE 8x10 DOWNLOAD HERE!

I hope you all have been having a wonderful Summer!
And most importantly...I hope you've been finding ways to slow down.


I've been spending A LOT of time on Snapchat over the last couple of months, sharing my sense of humor. I have to say I'm so glad a friend of mine twisted my arm on several occasions begging me to get on there because I just LOVE it. I rarely get to share that side of me here on the blog...or with people in general...and it's just been a fun, laid-back way to tap into my silly side. If you are on there too, you can find me by searching: pnpflowers

I'll be posting more about WHY I love Snapchat along with a couple of videos I've posted on there too...just to give you a glimpse into what you are missing out on. *eye rolling with a wink*

P.S.  Super excited about our Family Reunion coming up this weekend!
My family tries to have them every 18 months and I've been missing them.


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