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DIY | Kisses + Confetti filled Giant Balloon

Tuesday, June 14

Filling a 36" balloon with confetti and chocolate Hershey kisses might seem intimidating at first, but the process is actually super simple.

It's also the perfect element of surprise for any celebration...perhaps a NEW PARTY TREND to replace the classic piñata? I like to call this a balloon piñata!

However, this giant balloon filled with confetti and kisses is especially appropriate for baby gender reveals, like this "Kisses + Confetti" themed baby gender reveal I styled for Hershey's. 

Simply fill it with coordinating colored confetti and the new color foiled Hershey's kisses and pop it at your party in front of guests to reveal the sex of the expectant baby.

Materials Needed:
1 - 36" black balloon (black because it helps hide the contents inside)
Confetti - approximately 1 or 2 cups (or more - depending on how much of a mess you want to clean up) *wink*
Hershey's Kisses - I used about 25 Hershey kisses but could've used even more without compromising the weight of the balloon.
Funnel - to easily add the confetti to the balloon
Tissue Tassels - OPTIONAL - to tie onto the string of the balloon.

1. Fill the balloon with confetti using the funnel.
2. Add the Hershey's Kisses one-by-one. The opening in the balloon is plenty big enough for the kisses to drop right in.
3. Take the balloon to your local party store to have it filled with helium. (I actually went to the floral department of my local grocery store and they did it for me).
4. Add your tissue tassels once you arrive home.

1. You will need at least two large balloon weights to keep the balloon from floating away.
2. Be sure the vehicle you are driving is large enough to transport the balloon once it has been filled with helium.

When it comes time to pop it open in front of your guests, hold it up high, away from your face, (and away from the crowd), and use a sharp object to poke it. I gave my daughter a sharp wooden skewer but a pin or needle would work too.

Want to see what it looks like when it pops?
See the COLOR VERSION of the balloon popping.

So cool.
And so fun!!

I hope you love it and will try it for your next celebration.


I wasn't sure what to expect when we popped it, as far as how loud the pop would be and whether or not the hershey kisses would fly out in all directions. But as you can see from the video, the kisses simply fell to the ground while the confetti floated through the air. It was perfect and the noise wasn't  nearly as loud as I'd expected.

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