Friday, June 1

SiMPLE | Gift Giving - "Outside of the Box"

You've heard me say it many times...
"It's all about presentation."

Ever notice the word "present" (prez-uhnt) in the word "presentation"?
The way we "present" (pre-zent)  things to people...
It's actually a gift in itself.

speaking of gifts...
How about skipping the tried and true "gift bag" the next time you are wrapping a present.
Try something a little "out of the box"
Or in this instance...

Use a "gift box" instead.

I picked up this brown, versatile gift box from Target...
removed the lid and repositioned it to the bottom of the box...
added some tissue...
put in my present...
added some more tissue to hide it...
wrapped the box with coordinating ribbon.

Why I love this idea:
It's something different.
It's simple.
It's fast.
It's fun.
The height of the tissue makes the gift seem more grande. *wink*
The presentation makes it seem like you put a lot of time and love into wrapping it. (even though it's simple).
The box can be reused - either for gift giving or organizational purposes.
The box is cute all on it's own.
You can actually put an item in the box that wouldn't normally fit with the lid closed.
(which is exactly how/why this idea was born). *wink*


I originally planned on filling this box full of my daughter's favorite cookies...
And then tying it closed with some pretty ribbon.
Upon packing the cookies inside, I realized I couldn't shut the lid.
Lightbulb moment...
No lid needed.

I didn't mind splurging on the box...
I knew I would get it back since the gift was going to my daughter.
I like to refer to it as "Advanced Creative Planning/Recycling" *wink*


Lissa (Bellenza) June 4, 2012 at 8:53 AM  

Cute & clever! Like the advanced recycling angle, too!

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