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SHARE | The Prettiest + Easiest Caramel Apples

Friday, October 25

Pssst...these apples look pretty fancy, don't they?
Some might even call them "gourmet" caramel apples.

Well let me tell you...the recipe is anything BUT fancy.
I got the recipe from my best friend on Instagram. (she has no idea we are BFF's...not yet anyway). *wink*

Her name is Emily at the Handmade Farmhouse and she is fabulous.
And so is this Caramel Apple recipe she shared recently.

I knew I had to try it and it did not disappoint.
It's not nearly as hard as you would think - and NO CANDY THERMOMETER REQUIRED! Yay!
You should totally try these for the fall season! They are a lot of fun to make.

In fact...I got a little creative and made a few "Halloween" versions - see'em at the bottom of the post.

Prettiest, easiest, and most delicious caramel apples on the planet! I promise.

She's inspired me to get to baking some pretty bread this fall season too! 

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I'm not usually a fan of caramel apples - but THESE - they are so easy and so pretty.
And my family gives them a HUGE thumbs up!

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