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LiFE | Summer 2018 (Video)

Thursday, September 20

Summer ends officially on September 22nd.
That's only two days from now and, as usual, my mind is not wanting to bend in that direction.
It's the whole one foot in the boat and one foot on the shore mindset - loving both summer and fall with the added dimension of not being well-versed in letting go or saying goodbye.

Summer was the backdrop for a few milestones for my girls. We celebrated Ema graduating high school, high-fived Clara for being on the UCF Dean's list at the completion of her Junior year, and supported Ella's choice to walk away from gymnastics.

We grew tomatoes, rode scooters in the summer rain, drew sidewalk chalk towns together, walked on the beach, ate cotton candy, lost my sunglasses in the ocean waves, made homemade strawberry shortcake, invited friends over for playdates, enjoyed BFF sleepovers, lavished in pool days, among other fun things.

There was also one thing in particular I'm so happy we made time for this year.
We enjoyed a "Girl's Camping/RVing" experience with my mom at Salt Springs this summer.
In fact, it's one of the very first things we did which helped kick off our summer on the right foot.

Here's a visual diary I created of our time together...
(and mom...if you're reading this...I'm sorry...for that one part in the video). *covering eyes*

So yes, our summer may not have been filled with lush vacations and jet-setting around the world but our days, and more importantly, our hearts, were spilling over with adventure and fun.

They say forever is made up of the perhaps we really can have a "forever summer" because we certainly filled it with a lot of "nows" I will always remember.

With that said...I think it's time for me to do some letting go...

xoxo my sweet friends!!

I rolled my ankle stepping out of the RV on the first day of our camping trip. *laughing*
I fell on the ground and had dirt and grass all over me while Ella and my mom looked on in disbelief. 
I laughed so hard and could NOT believe I had done that while also holding back tears from the pain.
It swelled up immediately and I thought I had broken it. 
I put on a brave face, iced it every day and medicated myself with some Advil.
Thankfully I didn't break it and was still able to enjoy the rest of our time together. did take a solid two months for me to feel comfortable putting full weight on my ankle again.
(which has now exacerbated into lower back + foot pain because of my body overcompensating for it). *eyeroll*

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