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ART PRINTS | 365 Days of Art Prints Project

Friday, March 2

One of my creative-related goals this year has been to create one art print each matter how small or quick it might need to be.

I'm calling it my 365 Days of Art Prints Project and I'm even using the #pnpflowers365daysofartprints hashtag on social media whenever I post something related.

I've been sharing them on my Instagram feed periodically and wanted to share a few of them here today. (I'm keeping them in my story highlights so you can keep up with them there).

I love the pastel color family in these cuties...definitely a nod to Spring!
Some of the art prints I make will be freebies, some will be surprise giveaways and some will make it into my shoppe.

These three were loaded into the shoppe yesterday under a new section called $5 Downloads.
I'm not promising these will stay in that section for that price but that's where they are right now so if you love them go grab them!!

I'm even toying around with the idea of picking 5 random art prints and bundling them together once a month for a "Five 5x7's for $5 Friday" to keep things fun for everyone. If you'd like to see that happen, comment and let me know.

AND...if you have a quote or an art print you'd like to see me create, again, leave a comment.
Any suggestion made that I end up picking, the first person to have made the suggestion/request will receive the art print for free before it's revealed to anyone else!

And all of you email for periodic freebies sent right to your inbox!
Need to subscribe? SIGN UP HERE!

I hope you all are as excited as I am to see what kind of creations I come up with over the course of this year....we're on Day 61 today!! Wow!!

Have a great Friday everyone...and a fantastic weekend!


We are heading to Savannah, Georgia early this morning to get Ella to a gymnastics competition.
I got myself up extra early and got some stretching in and this blog post done before anyone else in the house stirs. Fist bump to myself for starting my day off right!!

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