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FREE | All The Feels Emoji Themed Valentine's Day Ideas

Friday, February 9

I've got two adorable Valentine's Day ideas for you today everyone!!
And these, my friends, are for all of the emoji-loving people out there!
And for all of the people on Instagram and social media that use the term "all the feels" on a regular basis. I know you get me!

If you are unfamiliar with the phrase "all the feels" it simply refers to something that moves you emotionally...or something that gives you good vibes.

So...I thought it was a brilliant concept to combine the "all the feels" expression with the iconic "emojis" we are all familiar with - that essentially represent every emotion. *wink* Brilliant, right?

So here we go...
IDEA #1: Valentine's Day Treat Tags

I created these super cute Valentine's Day treat tags for Ella to hand out to her 3rd grade classmates. She's loves all things emojis and loved the idea.

And they are SO easy. Just print them onto white card stock, trim to size and tie onto a small cellophane bag filled with emoji themed chocolates or these cute emoji themed gumballs.
I picked up my chocolates from Hobby Lobby but I found them on Amazon as well!

 IDEA #2: Valentine's Day Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar Wrappers

This idea came about after Ella said she wanted to do a giant candy bar to mail to her best friend, Elise for Valentine's Day.  I just love her and her awesome ideas!!

So I whipped up this emoji themed Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar Wrapper - just like the Llama themed wrappers I shared the other day and these other black and white wrappers too!

And then I created a "Having YOU for a BESTIE gives me ALL THE FEELS!" tag to tie on.
I love how they turned out so much I was then inspired to create even more custom tags for Dad, Mom, Teacher, Coach, Friend and Sister. (shhhh - don't tell Clara and Ema they'll be getting one of these in the mail too from their little sister) Ha!!

Feel free to use the treat tags on the candy bars too!
Both of these ideas are so fun and so easy!
If you are inspired to whip some of these up too, here are the links to download the files:

Emoji Themed Valentine's Day Printables 

PLEASE NOTE: There are 7 different printable Ghirardelli wrappers - each one with a custom tag included. (i.e. Teacher, Dad, Mom, etc.) - Be careful to download and print the one(s) you want! *wink*

Love you guys!
Share your pictures with me if you make these!
Email: pnpflowersinc AT gmail DOT com
Tag me on Instagram: @pnpflowers


Just barely getting these loaded onto the blog before I jump in the car to grab Ella from school!
But hey! At least she finished an entire day of school today! She missed three days this week and came home early yesterday after attempting to go. Poor girl. She's on the mend though! Yay!!

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