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RECIPE + GIFT IDEA | White Chocolate + Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

Thursday, December 21

Delicious + festive cookies with white chocolate + red cranberries!?
Can you think of a cookie more perfect for baking + gifting during the Christmas season?

I love these cookies.
They're quite delicious...the recipe is no-fuss AND they're pretty. Win!!

Here's the recipe if you decide you love these too + want to try them....

If you need gifting ideas...well here you go:
1. bake the cookies and package them up.
2. bake the cookies, package them up AND give them the recipe on a cute recipe card.
Oh wait! You don't have a cute recipe card?
Well Merry Christmas!!
I've taken care of that for you. see those cute labels on the cookie tins? (white background + black background)?
Yep! I've got those for you to print too - if you want them + need them. (all links below)


I hope you try them.
I hope you love them.
And I hope you'll let me know if you do.

Love you guys!
4 more sleeps until Christmas!!! Are you ready?


I still have wrapping to do.
And you should see the state of our home right now. Eeks!
BUT...this is the most calm I've been through the holidays in a very long time.
And I'm liking it. A LOT!!!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Thank you for this recipe - these look really good! Merry Christmas!

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