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Wednesday, May 17

In the middle of bubble wrap, packing paper, stacked cardboard boxes and empty walls...
Ella and I managed to sneak away for a bit from all of the moving preparations in order for her to do some modeling for our favorite local fashion boutique...The Secret Garden.

A new shipment of beautiful dresses in Ella's size have arrived and they needed a model!
As you may remember, Ella and I have a favorite tradition of going to The Secret Garden and picking out an extra special dress for the Daddy Daughter Dance held at her school every year. (see this post and this post). psst....I still need to post the photos from this year's dance. *covering eyes*

So, it didn't take much convincing for Ella to agree to an afternoon of trying on dresses and striking some poses. Here are some of my favorites...

Ella was thrilled to be a model for the afternoon...
and I was happy to get out of packing for a few hours.

Hope you all are doing fantastic!!
I've missed you and I'm really looking forward to getting back to some consistent blogging once we have moved and get settled a bit.

Stay tuned and keep up with me on Instagram in between blog posts.

My entire world is about to change with our move less than 7 days away! Eeks!!
I am seriously a tossed salad of emotions. 
On one hand I'm super excited about what this adventure has in store for me personally, as well as
the magic and growth that is sure to come for my family...especially my two older daughters who are staying behind. *tears*

On the other hand...a mother is not supposed to leave her children, right?
The children are supposed to leave the nest and move away from the mother.
Although Clara turns 21 on Sunday and Ema is 18, this "moving away from them" thing feels so incredibly awkward.

And of course, there's apprehension and uncertainly as it's going to be quite an adjustment living a couple of hours away in an unfamiliar town without the comfort of having family and friends close by.

A new chapter for all of us that's for sure. *more tears* 
I really am putting my faith + trust in He who knows best and who's plans are far greater than my own.

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