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Wednesday, September 9

The FREE art print for September is up on The Cake blog!!
There's the colorful version you see up above as well as the option below with the wording all in black!!

Pick your favorite and download it to print... it to your desktop, iPhone or iPad by downloading the digital wallpaper.

It's a cute reminder...for me especially...
that although there are struggles, disappointments, failures, roadblocks, down days or just what I call the "blech" we encounter...we really are living "the sweet life". 

Hope you love it, download ituse it and SHARE it!!!
Pass it on to a friend who could use the reminder too!


I can't lie...
I'm ready for the "blech" my family and I seem to have been plagued with over the last few months to be gone! Poof! Just like that. "Believe and it will be"....right?

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