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Friday, June 5

It's the first day of Summer and Ella is already asking to make a list like we did last year.
I LOVE her!!

So....I did a quick update to the cute printable Go. See. Eat. Make. Do. Summer list I made last year ...

Again, you can keep this as simple as you want...only choosing 5 things to check off for the whole Summer.
OR you can get all crazy and create one for each month or even crazier - one for each week during the Summer months.

Either way you choose, you can download the free printable RIGHT HERE!

Love you guys!!!
And if you use this free printable + love it, tag me (@pnpflowers) on social media so I can see what you're doing with your littles!!

It's been a busy week...last week of school.
A fun week...cute party for Ella's last day of Kindergarten. *throwing confetti*
An emotional week...Ella's last day of Kindergarten. *wiping tears*

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